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Unmasking outrage ignored by Sun

The Sun joins a chorus of liberal media outlets in doing their best to minimize any actions that would tarnish the reputation of the administration of their hero, President Barack Obama ("The 'unmasking' of Susan Rice," April 5). By her own admission, Susan Rice, a senior foreign policy official in the Obama White House, has admitted that she unmasked the identity of Trump transition team members from raw intelligence reports. This unmasking was revealed several weeks ago by then House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes during the course of the investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The Sun discredits any potential problems with this unmasking, primarily relying on Ms. Rice's claim that, gee whiz, I wasn't doing anything wrong or political. The Sun neglects to mention that when Ms. Rice was asked during an interview with PBS at the time of Mr. Nunes' disclosures if the Trump officials were swept up in surveillance of foreign officials, she responded, "I know nothing of this."

It was a bald-faced lie coming from a bald-faced liar ("Trump says Susan Rice may have committed a crime, but provides no evidence," April 5). Further, the intelligence in question did not involve any communications with Russia. Only when she has been caught with her hands in the cookie jar has Ms. Rice confessed to this unmasking. The unmasking of individuals from raw intelligence apparently led to wide dissemination of leaders in the Obama administration. This should concern any person who cares about civil liberties and the abuse of power by the government, but it apparently does not seem to bother The Sun.

If the Trump and future administrations conduct similar unmasking of individuals caught up in foreign surveillance, we can thank the politically-motivated indifference of The Sun and other left-wing publications.

Robert C. Erlandson, Ellicott City

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