Grand Prix disliked? Who says?

Detractors of the Baltimore Grand Prix (or most things) typically speak in broad terms using "no one liked" or "everyone was glad to see it go." These are typically false misnomers which apply only to their disgruntled clique of friends. I have friends who live in the immediate vicinity of the Baltimore Grand Prix who absolutely loved the event, and these are not car people.

Thirty or so years ago, James Rouse's plan for the Inner Harbor had it's share of detractors, most of whom wouldn't dare admit as much today. While the race may never have rivaled Monaco, it was certainly on track to rival its counterpart in Long Beach, Calif. But explaining that to the provincial mind is an exercise in futility as in all likelihood, they'd be content to think the earth is still flat.

By the by, I did, in fact, meet a gentleman from Monaco who was specifically in town for the Baltimore Grand Prix. In marketing speak, that's some pretty impressive "reach."

Peter Bell, Monkton

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