City, state should take over Grand Prix

Baltimore Racing Development is a cumbersome company headed by three of five board members who have zero event-throwing experience and who allowed and continue to allow executive level folks who also have zero event-throwing experience to speak for and make decisions for the company. These are the same people who misled vendors, misled the public, and misled the city as to their competence and the company's solvency and the same people who are clearly still in the BRD office, probably working just as ineffectively. Now BRD is once again talking about hiring another CEO with no event-throwing experience, which brings to mind the definition of insanity.

Having said that, anyone who thinks this grand prix wouldn't be worth doing if it was in the right hands just doesn't have vision for what makes a city great. The politicians did the right thing in letting this happen; now what the city and state should do is take it over, hire a general manager, and have the Baltimore Grand Prix be a proprietary IndyCar race. Meaning, the city will host the race, but IndyCar will be an owner and waive the sanction fee. IndyCar owned and produced the Las Vegas race, I bet they'd do it for Baltimore, considering the stellar attendance and geographic positioning.

I hope BRD doesn't make the mayor's deadline to pay its taxes because this group needs to go away so someone or some entity can do it right.


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