Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

A grand Grand Prix (except for that anthem)

What an event Baltimore put on this past weekend! I'm living in Wisconsin now, and let me tell you Baltimore shined in more ways then one with the Grand Prix. I was in a local watering hole watching the race and was amazed at the comments the people were making about Baltimore, all positive. It made me proud to say I am from Baltimore, and everyone in the bar knew that. The views from the TV standpoint were awesome. I'm hoping next year I will be there and try to make this an annual event to attend.

With every positive there has to be one negative, and that was the singing of the national anthem. I am so proud to say I am from the city where the great song was written, but on this day it was butchered and an embarrassment. Laura Byrna made a mockery out of our anthem, and the sad part is the organizers actually overbooked and had two people there to sing, the other being Bel Air's own Julienne Irwin from America's Got Talent fame. Ms. Irwin was there to sing, but they picked the wrong person to perform. It would have been a pleasure to hear Ms. Irwin sing the song; at least we know she would have done Baltimore and Maryland proud.

So, Grand Prix organizers, let's take the opportunity to right this ship and send put an early invite next year for Ms. Irwin to sing the song and kick off a spectacular race.

LeRoy F.Yegge Jr.

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