Giant eagle snatches baby, attention away from the Person of the Year, the Voice

Did you hear Time has named its Person of the Year and The Voice has a new winner? Bored? Not impressed? Well, what if I told you I had a video of a GOLDEN EAGLE snatching a BABY!!!!!

YouTube and Reddit are buzzing this morning with a video purportedly out of Canada that shows a large bird momentarily picking up a small child. Don't worry the kiddie was not whisked away to the nest atop Death Mountain. The video is probably fake, but that hasn't stopped people from freaking out and watching, including me. [UPDATE: Yup, the video is fake.]


So back to the "important" news. Barack Obama has again been named Time Person of the Year, (he won in 2008 too) ostensibly beating out Grumpy Cat and the Gangnam Style guy. The Voice ended its fall season last night and in a total non-shocker. Spoiler ahead: The winner is … Cassadee Pope.

Meanwhile, Instagram is still in the doghouse after it changed its terms of service agreement. High profile users like National Geographic weren't soothed by the company's mea culpa last night and are still suspending their accounts.

Finally with Christmas only days away a number of holiday-related terms are trending including Lord, Happy Holidays and Blessed.


The Voice (Christina Aguillera, Smokey Robinson)
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Why: There's something to be said about predictability, which means there's certainly something to be said about the season finale of "The Voice" Tuesday night. Cassadee Pope, the Florida pop-rocker and former front woman of the band Hey Monday, won the title of "the voice," and the accolades that entails -- and no one was surprised. [The Baltimore Sun]

Person of the Year (Barack Obama)
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Why: Time magazine has named the re-elected President Obama its "Person of the Year" for 2012. The runners-up: Pakistan women's rights activist Malala Yousafzai (who was seriously wounded in an attack by the Taliban), Apple CEO Tim Cook, Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi, and Higgs boson physicist Fabiola Gianotti. [The Baltimore Sun /  Time Magazine]

Eagle snatches baby
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Why: A video of an eagle snatching a baby has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook. In the video, uploaded by user MrNuclearCat, the author is filming the huge bird as it's circling over a meadow. Suddenly, the eagle drops down and catches a baby with its claws, but lets it go after a few seconds, giving its mom and the cameraperson a good scare. [Mashable]

Instagram (National Geographic)
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Why: Though Instagram has backpedaled a bit on whether or not it will sell your Instagram photos to advertisers, people are generally wary to trust a company backed by Facebook when it comes to privacy. National Geographic, a company who has a real reason to be sorta ticked off at all this since its pictures are actually good, has decided to suspend posts to Instagram. [Gizmodo]


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