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Plank's Sagamore Development plans start-up hub in Port Covington

Plank's plans for Port Covington progress with conversion of city garage to start-up hub

The real estate firm owned by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank is planning to convert a decrepit former city garage located in Port Covington into a new hub for start-ups.

The 130,000-square-foot building on the 101 W. Dickman Street parcel is the third project announced for the South Baltimore peninsula, where Plank's Sagamore Development has amassed at least 148 acres and is working on a mixed-use development and new campus for the athletic brand. Demolition is already underway.

The other projects include conversion of a former Sam's Club into offices and a new rye whiskey distillery called Sagamore Spirit.

Sagamore Development officials, who discussed the City Garage plans at a networking event this week, said the firm expects its Port Covington plans to enter into the city's formal planning process later this summer.

Meanwhile, its acquisitions continue. The firm closed last month on nearly 13 acres formerly owned a company tied to American Forest Products for $8 million, according to land records.

The City Garage building is well suited to light manufacturing, and is designed to appeal to "makers," the firm said. Under Armour also may locate some employees there.

"The City Garage structure will kick-off our effort to attract and foster additional makers, innovators, inventors and other creative talent and companies to the city," said Tom Geddes, managing partner of Plank Industries, in a statement. "We will be working closely with the city, state, and federal governments, our design and development teams, and most importantly the local community to finalize the plans."


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