Our bizarre interview with 'PASSIONGAMER4CHANGE'

During the entire duration of my odd email exchange with "PASSIONGAMER4CHANGE," I was never completely sure whom I was talking to.

If 60 percent of statistics are made up, then 40 percent of all Twitter accounts are owned by someone who is not who they portray themselves as. "PASSIONGAMER4CHANGE" is a character (probably), who masterfully satirizes what's going on in the video games world by portraying a disillusioned fanboy through Twitter (@RPGsbebroke) and Tumblr (rpgsbebroke.tumblr.com).

He battles with his parents and roommates for money towards his passion for gaming, and opines at what he calls the "journLOLists" who cover the video games industry. At least, that's what it seems.

Perhaps I'm wrong, and "PASSIONGAMER4CHANGE" is really just person who loves video games and writes very incoherently about his love. Maybe his roommate "Derrick" and his stepmom are real people who hassle him about his gaming.

If this is all true, then I feel terrible for laughing at his Twitter account and even worse for writing an article about him. I'm 95 percent sure this is a clever person doing a character. That leaves a 5 percent chance that myself and the three hundred other people who follow his exploits are bad people.

Whether you can laugh in good conscience or not, his observational humor is usually spot-on. Even as a sports gamer, I had to laugh at his description of the genre: "why do they even make video games out of SPORTS its like DUR IM A JERK I CAN THROW."

Whenever a gaming site posts a controversial article, PG4C is right in there with a diffusing comment. After Patricia Hernandez wrote a thought-provoking and controversial Kotaku essay on rape culture in gaming, PG4C tweeted at her "i tryed 2 read your artical on kotaku but it was too long can u just get 2 the point abt what being raped had to to w GAMES." She re-tweeted it in good spirit.

In my initial email, I asked if the person would prefer to do the interview "in character." What I got was a response to most of my questions in all-lowercase with lots of "lols." I suppose that answered my question about who I'd be speaking with.

Undaunted, I proceeded with some questions I've always wanted to ask the character, even if I couldn't talk to the person behind it. Obviously, consider all his answers one big [sic].

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to start your blog and Twitter? Was it a specific RPG you thought was broken?

i believe all RPGS are broken but its also my favriot gendre of game. im disapointed in the gamesindustry for destroying japan/not putting enough RPGS. when your passion is very strong you can love a game so its more important than anything else but then again never satisfied by it... now the RPGs are gone and when will they return. my blog is a way for me to follow my dreams of games jouralism it feels like my anger can unite the world.

What is the main thing that's wrong with games journalists? What can I do to not be part of the problem?

well EVERYTHING is wrong w them the gamesindustry defeat us at every turn and they just walk around press events DRINKING DRINKS and laughing and get free games and then they are jaded. also their oppinions are usually wrong. dont think they ndeerstand what it feels like to be we the gamers. also more reasons:'

1. always writting about crap no one care about like. feelings. or when they got raped. or something abt a women in games. STICK 2 THE GAMES LOL ITS THAT SIMPLE.

2. posting articals that are too long. no one wants 2 read all that crap just give the important details all true gamer need to know.'

3. having no journLOListical integrity always takeing payoffs from alot of companies if u read any gamer forum u will know this is true.

What's up with Derrick? From what I can gather he's your roommate, and sort of a jerk sometimes?

yes derrick is my room mate he is kind of a [expletive] head lol. we have live together for mabey 3 yrs now exept one time when there was an incident and i receive medical care then live with my stupid mom for awhile now back in with derrick bc its hard to find someone who usually pay the bills on time and i do (well my dad does due to his guilt abt me lol). derrick some times punches me or occupy the tv too long trying to impress a randome girl with some stupid think like black ops. but i like the girls he bring home. derrick latley got a pasta maker. he is tryin to become his own pasta chef lol

Are you single? Could you ever date someone that wasn't a gamer?

yes currently i am singal and looking. so if any ladies read this u can email me at ippyarles@yahoo.com. but pls only if u are not fat and if u are reasonabe attractive and i prefer small [expletives]. it have to be someone who loves GAMES. i could not love any 1 who did not share my passion i have been search my TRUE GAMER GIRL for along time now. but too bad theres so many fakers out there just a naked lady w a nintendo on her [expletive]. THATS NOT GOING 2 FOOL ME lololol this is an area of anger

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