Real trees, real memories: Make choosing a real Christmas tree your holiday tradition

As family members we all want to make great memories. And as consumers we all want to make great decisions. During the holidays there's one way you can do both and that's to choose a real Christmas tree.

Like all great holiday moments, choosing a real Christmas tree is one that the whole family can take part in together, from finding the tree to decorating it at home. Families can celebrate the experience of finding their real Christmas tree year after year and make it part of their own holiday family tradition.

Real Christmas trees aren't just better for family memories — they're also better for the environment. Research shows that real trees are much friendlier for the environment compared to artificial trees. Real trees are biodegradable, while artificial trees have three times the impact on climate change and resource depletion, according to a study by Ellipsos. Plus, Christmas tree farmers plant at least one new tree for every tree harvested, making sure that planting and harvesting are balanced to protect the environment. Each real Christmas tree chosen is better for the environment, better for family fun and better for farmers.

No matter where you like to shop, there's a real Christmas tree available to you. Whether it's a neighborhood store, local farm, seasonal lot or even online, make the experience of finding your real tree one to remember and look forward to, year after year. For more information, visit

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