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Laura Vecsey


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  • He's just a 'Love Machine,' and a big Orioles fan, too

    THIS IS HOW you know you live in one of the great American sports cities, where home-team loyalties run deeper - and far wider - than the Inner Harbor: In the flood of e-mails decrying my overzealous whacking of Sammy Sosa last week, one writer took particular exception to my use of the lyrics from...

  • Sosa a hit, but O's amiss on pitching

    THE ORIOLES are talking about other moves, now that Sammy Sosa's presence in the lineup and right field gives them flexibility. But these moves are about first base, center field, catcher. Pitching? Months after Tim Hudson flashed on the radar screen, we're still waiting. In theory, it's admirable...

  • 'This is my new house'

    Love the one you're with

  • Will Sammy's act play in Tejada's clubhouse?

    AMONG the litany of colorful characterizations used to describe Sammy Sosa - "con artist" taking top honor - one tragic flaw has been woefully underreported: The irrepressible Sosa was blaring Whitney Houston when a Cubs teammate took a bat to the clubhouse boom box. Whitney Houston? What, Sosa's...

  • Kay Yow: She's still Coach, and more, to her sisters

    College Basketball

  • Sosa right for O's?

    High-profile deal is act of desperation, not growth