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  • McNair's deal with Ravens is working both ways

    All it takes is one look at the NFL standings to know Steve McNair has been good for the Ravens. The veteran quarterback has brought poise, toughness and consistency from Tennessee, and the Ravens, at 10-3, are having their best regular season. But the positive impact radiating from his uniform...

  • From a hero to felon

    Addiction threw Sammy Stewart a curveball, and the former O's pitcher has yet to recover


    Key decisions spur rise of Ravens

  • When dared to throw long, Ravens are in deep trouble

    Let's make sure the blame for the Ravens' loss to the Bengals is properly assigned. Yes, the defense yielded instead of dominated, seemed lethargic at times and didn't have one of its shutdown games, but even on a bad night, it allowed just one touchdown to a dangerous offense - on a gimmick play,...

  • On Sunday, Ravens had that Super Bowl look

    Since January 2001, the Ravens have been relentlessly compared with their Super Bowl-winning team. When they were good, the question was always whether they were that good (and the answer, always, was no). When they were bad, like last season, it underscored how far they had fallen. Ravens @Bengals...

  • In fact, O's failure is matter of opinion

    Fact: It makes quite a statement about the decline of pitching standards in the major leagues that Pat Dobson, the former Orioles 20-game winner who died Wednesday, had a losing lifetime record (122-129) over 11 seasons, but also had a lower career ERA (3.54) than 239-game winner Mike Mussina (3.63)....

  • BCS has flaws, but still beats playoffs

    There are college football seasons in which two teams clearly belong in the national championship game, and there are seasons when the situation is, to say the least, muddled. Last season, Southern California and Texas were the only unbeaten teams at the end of the regular season. They met in the...

  • NCAA, fans look blindly on steroids in football

    We're inundated with roaring headlines about athletes using performance-enhancing drugs in the major leagues, the NFL, the Olympics, the Tour de France and even high school sports, but what about college football? There's barely a whisper, much less a roar. Something is wrong with that. Are we supposed...