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John Eisenberg


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  • McNair isn't only puzzle piece that has to fit

    The Ravens report to training camp today with fairly high expectations for a team that went 6-10 in 2005. They think they should make the playoffs, not that they're going to shout that just yet. Enough prognosticators support the idea that it would seem to have merit, or at least, shouldn't be immediately...

  • Let Guillen be Guillen

    Whenever Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen gets in trouble for being brutally honest or for shooting off his mouth before he thinks about what he is saying, I think of the preview I witnessed almost a decade ago. In 1998, Guillen was in the Orioles' spring training camp in Florida at age 34,...

  • Under Yow, UM's money numbers grow

    Debbie Yow can relate to the popular complaint that the amount of money coursing through college athletics is, in a word, ridiculous. "I can kind of identify with that, in a way," said Yow, Maryland's athletic director since 1994. Her annual departmental budget has almost tripled to $50 million since...

  • There's nothing scrawny about Fahey's potential

    Brandon Fahey was so scrawny when the Orioles took him in the 12th round of the 2002 draft that it was hard to envision him being anything more than an "organizational player" - a guy who would play hard on minor league teams from Bluefield to Bowie, but probably never make the majors. Fahey surpassed...

  • Reversing course on disoriented O's

    For years, I have told the Orioles what to do. For just as many years, they have ignored my suggestions. It's time for another approach. Instead of telling them what they should do for the rest of what is shaping up as their ninth straight losing season, I'm going to try telling them what they shouldn't...

  • Should the All-Star Game count? Yes, but only for fans


  • Game over for concept of sports dynasties

    This isn't a good weekend for American sports patriots. There's no place to invest cheers. At the World Cup, which concludes with tomorrow's final between Italy and France, Team USA was knocked out without winning a game. At Wimbledon, which also ends tomorrow with the men's final, every American...

  • Knockout voice, killer punch

    Teen can belt out a tune or a rival in the ring