Financial consultations offered for Marylanders buffeted by foreclosure

Baltimore-based Civil Justice is offering free legal consultations for Marylanders who lost their home or are facing other foreclosure-related financial difficulties.

The new program, “Foreclosure Recovery: On Track to Financial Health,” will focus on addressing harmful ripple effects of mortgage default, from municipal liens and debt collection to credit problems. The nonprofit Civil Justice hopes to reach 300 to 600 people.

A panel of attorneys Civil Justice trained for the program will help consumers fix errors in credit reports, understand their bankruptcy options and determine whether there’s a looming “deficiency judgment” for the amount owed on the former mortgage that wasn’t covered by the foreclosure sale.

"Getting people on the path to recovery is what this is all about," said Kathleen Hyland, associate general counsel at Civil Justice.

Marylanders who lost their home to foreclosure, opted for a short sale or turned the deed over to their lender to avoid foreclosure are eligible for the program. So are state residents who remain in their home with a loan modification, but the program is not intended to stop an imminent foreclosure.

Civil Justice is covering the cost with a grant from the Maryland Attorney General’s office and the state Department of Housing and Community Development. To schedule an appointment, call 410-706-0174, email or go to

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