Why I'm just saying no to Pinterest for this year's birthday party

The Baltimore Sun

My son Isaac turned 4 this week, and we're having his birthday party this weekend. I simply cannot wait. His third birthday was kind of a disaster -- his dad was in California for pre-deployment training, I was having some pregnancy complications, and we never managed to put together a party. Then on the actual day of his birthday, he got a stomach virus. Poor kiddo.

Already, this year is going better. Dad's home, we're heading to the Robinson Nature Center with some friends and family, upgraded to the planetarium party because Isaac is obsessed with space (and, yeah, we’re probably overcompensating a bit for last year’s fiasco).

But I've sworn off looking for ideas on Pinterest. So there will be no homemade "happy birthday" banners, no character cake pops, no hand-stitched "pin the candle on the cupcake" games, no wrought-by-my hand favors for the kiddies. I like the idea of looking for inspiration there, but I know that in the reality of my life, it would just make me feel worse.

It's not that I'm not crafty -- I have had my moments -- but I don’t have the time for it right now, and I've come to terms with that. Poking around Pinterest would just make me feel bad for not doing all those amazing, creative things, and I feel bad about enough things as it is. (Confession time: The day I realized our day care had a store-bought-only policy for food brought in for parties -- to avoid allergy issues -- was a happy day indeed.)

Life is busy right now, working full-time, parenting two kids, trying to pursue a hobby or two, maybe exercise now and again. Being crafty just isn’t in the (store-bought) cards, and that's OK. He’s 4. All he wants is to see his friends, eat cake and get sung to. That I can make happen, guilt-free.

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