On weekday mornings, I'll post the most controversial, shocking and (of course) ridiculous stories for your reading pleasure. That way, when you walk into work, you'll be the master of witty conversation.



It keeps getting worse: Weiner coached woman to lie. (Politico)

No surprise: Weiner's creepy chatting was when wife was out of town. (NY Post)

Insurance policy: Breitbart claims he has x-rated photo of Weiner. (AP)

New Yorkers apparently don't care: Majority of New Yorkers don't think Weiner should resign. (ABC)

Shock poll: Romney tops Obama. (The Washington Post)

The streak's intact: Feds run deficit for 32 straight months. (Washington Times)

A serious problem: Government has $61 trillion in unfunded obligations. (USA Today)

Misled: Obama's accounting of auto industry bailout called "phony." (Washington Post)

But also criminalized fake pot: Connecticut decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana. (Hartford Courant)

Join the club: Jesse Jackson wants to end the "War on Drugs." (Chicago Sun-Times)

Shocking: Drug war escalating in Mexico as gangs hang rivals in public. (Daily Mail)

Awesome: Sun produces 'spectacular' eruption. (Space.com)


Trump quick to condemn: "Anthony Weiner is a bad guy. He's a psycho."


Good luck with that: Herman Cain would limit all bills to no more than three pages.