Unmasked: City Hall staffer who blocked reporter's camera

I've learned the identity of the dedicated public servant who tried to stop a Baltimore Sun reporter from filming the Kiefaber Kerfuffle that erupted at a City Council meeting Monday night.

It was Marguerite Murray, a legislative policy analyst with the city's Office of Council Services, who held a piece of paper and a binder in front of reporter Erica Green's cell phone camera.


Does obstructing a reporter's view of a public meeting, even a public meeting being disrupted by an agitated ex-theater owner, constitute "council services"? (Murry pops up about 1:20 seconds into the video.)

"I didn't know they were reporters," Murray told me when I reached her by phone. "I just thought they were visitors."


Is there a reason she should prevent anyone from filming a public meeting?

At that point, Murray referred me to her supervisor, Larry Greene, acting director of the Office of Council Services.

"I really don't know why" Murray tried to block the camera, Greene said. "She didn't want to be on camera, I guess."

Perhaps Murray has a Sean Penn-quality aversion to paparazzi. But I explained to Greene that this had not been a case of Murry's being in the shot and blocking her face because she's camera shy. She can be seen in the video walking straight for the camera and holding up the paper and binder.

"I can't give any other excuse for that," Greene said. "In the future, I will tell Marguerite if she sees the camera, go the other way."