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What’s the Current Legal Status of Vaping in Baltimore?

Vaping has been a hot issue in some social circles for quite some time now, and it looks like the problem is already brewing over into legal areas, with some jurisdictions taking active measures against people using vaping devices. It's not clear where this will all end up and how it's going to affect fans of the activity who simply enjoy it for what it is and are actively trying to not bother anyone with it, but many seem to be in agreement that there is a serious need for some action.

Baltimore in particular has been the subject of much discussion related to vaping lately, mostly aimed at the city's notorious Bill 14-0371. The bill aims to ban vaping in public places, with the exception of specific bars and restaurants that have explicitly agreed to the use of vaping devices on their premises.

The bill seems provoked by a situation that many people have been encountering lately - going out to enjoy a public activity and being greeted with a cloud of smoke in a technically non-smoking area. The attitude that some vapers seem to have regarding the use of their devices is certainly of no help either, and even though some have been putting effort into helping kill that stereotype, many are still under the impression that people who enjoy vaping tend to be a bit aggressive about their right to do it wherever they like to.

The problem isn't entirely contained within the fact that vaping is annoying to those who have to stand around it - some have suggested that the careless attitude many have towards the activity is downright dangerous with regards to the safety of children, who tend to be easily impressed.

Indeed, there has been a rise in interest towards the activity among teenagers, and it doesn't look like many of them are putting any active thought into the dangers of what they're doing. Many see it as a "cool" thing to do, especially those attracted by the flashy branding of various products on the market. However, little thought is given to the effects of nicotine on the body, especially at such a young stage when various chemicals can have a profound impact on a person's development. Not everyone takes the time to find the best brand of organic juice, and it shows.

The Baltimore bill is still under active discussion and some are trying to get it removed, while others claim that it needs to at least be amended in order to be more reasonable. Whether there's any middle ground between all positions on the matter right now is hard to tell, although the bill is certainly the subject of many people's attention.

Vaping is currently completely illegal in some specific jurisdictions - at least in certain capacities - and it looks like some countries are taking up a similar approach to it as the one they have for regular smoking. Some claim that this is not a good idea, while others don't seem to care since it doesn't affect them directly. But the near future definitely does look like it could hold some problems for fans of vaping.

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