When first starting a business, you have a world of tough lessons ahead. While no one can anticipate all of the hurdles you will encounter along the way, it's funny how many entrepreneurs have experienced many of the same challenges and setbacks. Mentors can be quite helpful, especially in the early years. Here are 3 tips for successful entrepreneurs that may save you much heartache:

1. Work Your Passion


"You're going to live and breathe your new business for years, so be sure you're jumping into something you're passionate and knowledgeable about."  That's Jennifer Hoddevik's, founder of The Travel Yogi, key to success.  Whether your business is a brick and mortar or online, you'll be the ambassador for B2B and B2C connections so your love and commitment for what you're doing need to shine through.  Authenticity is so important to the success of any business and it should shine through you, those you choose to bring on board and in your social and online presence.  Loving what you do will allow others to love what you do too and that's a big part of the success battle.

2. Realize That Building a Business Takes Time

Bev Kremling of Receptionist Hardware advises, "Get used to taking steps into the darkness. You can't have everything figured out before starting". As a young entrepreneur, the first thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to become successful. The first few years will be hard, but eventually, your business will take shape with proper planning and commitment. Focus all your efforts toward building your business. Don't waste time on activities that will not benefit your business. Pull all your resources into taking your brand to the next level. Do away with late night parties. If you enjoy hanging out with friends, now is the time to take things slow. Your priority should be how to grow your brand. This is a sacrifice you'll have to make. Devote your time and effort to your business. "Start on a shoestring, and don't be afraid to look small. You'll have to stay nimble."

3. Challenge Yourself

Greg Olson, Founder of Growl Agency shares: "Hope is for the hopeless. Plan it out and make your own results."

As a growing entrepreneur, challenging yourself is the best way to stay motivated and headstrong in the game. It is essential to position yourself as a continuous learner if you plan to be successful in your industry and life -- view business and life, in general, as educational institutions where you're learning new things every day.

Through the process of entrepreneurship, know you will encounter adversity along the way; however, every time you fall, dust yourself off and keep moving. As long as you endure the storm and continue to learn from your failures, they won't last forever. Remember, failure is part of the processes, and every successful business has a story to tell.

While each business encounters its own adventures, it's amazing how much business leaders old and new can learn from each other. Whether you just launched a business, or are a seasoned professional, consider how these tips might apply to your own situation. Hopefully your next business challenge will be lessened by the wisdom of others before you!

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