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The Top Biggest Hits of Persia Gray That Blew the Rapping Industry

It's not every day when someone develops his talent in the 4th standard and liked by most of the people - Persia Grai. Born on January 15, 1995, and owing to the unique talent and passion towards hip-hop, Persia Grai started writing songs and rapping at a very young age. Majority of the songs by Persia Grai rely less on melody and more on lyrics. The catchy beats, music violence, and motivational lyrics are what derived Persia to the verge of success. Though, no doubt, he still has a long way to go.
Looking forward to the biggest hits by Persia Grai? Well, follow this post and listen to these amazing songs that will help you get past your day easily.


"Calabasas" is one of the best yet favorite songs of Persia as it relates to his career and endless struggles so far. The style beat and the backing music convey the feelings of Grai. Basically, Calabasas describes the tough life, fear, and in the end a motivational message. Sitting in the darkness, watching the people you love to pass by, and not being able to help the loved ones is the main theme of Calabasas.

Freak Bitch Friday

As opposed to the Calabasas, the Freak Bitch Friday is all about nightlife, dancing, and of course girls! As the name suggests, this song talks about picking up girls, hanging out, spending the quality night, and then move on. In simple words, Freak bitch Friday follows a strong beat with dirty lyrics - certainly the best one to play at your night out.

Make Up Your Mind

Make Up Your Mind talks motivationally about sweet caring relationships. This song also depicts the hard times every relationship goes through at least once in a lifetime. Overall, it is a must-listen track for couples when they want to make it up for each other but looking for a motivation.


No, this "Juice" is not by the famous Yo Gotti and that's not a bad thing. This song by Persia Grai Ft. Jake Spade & Aj McCormick talks about the modern love triangles. The Grai verse explains how he is afraid of being left behind. The song goes as

Too many people laughed at me too many girls are mad at me;
I'm just another kid who has a fear of being average

- a must-listen track for youngsters.

Final Verdict

All the Persia Grai's songs have succeeded to make a difference so far. Though he is not as popular as other hip-hop stars, the strong determination, hard work, and passion towards the rapping industry promise him an appealing career. If you're a rapping enthusiast and haven't listened to his tracks yet - you're missing something.

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