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The CEO of Why Unified has achieved significant milestones in the span of a few years especially in 2018. He has made sure that communities from around the world take notice of his revolutionary marketing strategy and adapt to it. Letís find out more about this multi-million-dollar companyís founder and how he drove Unified to become the ëFastest Growing Private Businessí.

Who is Robert Nikic?

Robert Nikic, CEO and Founder of Why Unified, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Marketing who has introduced to the world a new form of marketing with his drive to combine predictive analysis and artificial intelligence.

This young and ambitious owner of Why Unified has laid the groundwork for a strong and successful million-dollar business with precision and heaps of effort and brought the company where it stands now.

Unified is soaring high with the several accomplishments of 2018 tied with its name which have led to the business conquering 2 Million users and expansion in the UK.

Why Unified is currently one the lead runners for the best SaaS and Digital Marketing Agency that has severed most of the contenders with its fresh approach.

What is Why Unified?

Unified is a sales and marketing platform that allows SMBs to do more with fewer efforts and more accuracy. Unified marketing is a new type of marketing that along with the Unified Workplace allows small business owners to run all their operations under a single domain.

Unified Marketing works on the concept of dependencies between several programs that digital marketers offer which is unique as most agencies run the programs separately. Running the programs which are dependent on one another is important for marketing, which the CEO considers is a sales strategy, to yield the best outcomes.

Unified Workplace focuses on running the sales and marketing of an SMB under one platform by providing several applications (Currently, more than a 100 applications) to assist the business owners in the everyday operations of their business.

Journey So Far

Why Unified had a great period last year as the marketing and sales platform generated revenue that was more than ten times the Unified team had anticipated in Q4 in 2017. Based on Robertís analysis and the team's unified decision, Why Unified partnered with several companies including names like Verified Payments and cPanel App Marketplace.

The rest is history and has resulted in the success and phenomenal time the marketing and sales company had last year. Robert and his team cut ribbons for the firmís first office in Scotland, the United Kingdom expanding their already established head office in Tampa, Florida. This expansion was the outcome of support from 2M+ customers Unified got after the acquisition of cPanel and Verified Payments.

Customer Favorite


Robert Nikic, along with his experienced team of professionals at Unified are held in high regards by the Unified community for their impeccable programs and the free, Unified Workplace that comes with at least 100 applications for the SMBs.

The Unified CEO has taken initiative to provide maximum customer satisfaction through his innovative marketing tactics. According to customer reviews, Unifiedís reputation is spotless and users are enjoying their Unified experience with the expert assistance from Unified. With several 5-star ratings from vivid customers, Unified has created a strong foundation among its customers with its noteworthy services, making sure that their customers trust the company and continue their Unified experience.

Best Employer

Not only is Robert Nikic popular among the clients but is also respected by his workforce. Glassdoor a renowned recruitment platform has announced Why Unified as an ëEngaged Employerí and honored it with the title of ëThe Best Place to Workí.

Glassdoor has also let slip that Robert pays the Unified employees a salary of around $62K per year, which is more than the average salary in any industry. The workers, however, focus on satisfying customers under the enthusiastic leadership of their Chief Executive Officer. With a 5-star rating on popular review websites, Robert Nikic has an impressive reputation as the ëBest Employerí.

Review Snippets

Letís take a closer look at how this CEO brings together a Unified Workplace for both, his employees and customers.

Robert encourages the Unified team to work smarter and faster to generate better results. The employees suggest through their reviews on Glassdoor that ëbad days donít seem so bad at Unifiedí and that ëthe workload is evenly split among different teams which then split up into groups of two or three to manage specific tasks making the job easier and enjoyableí.

The customers say that the Unified team of experts is always ready to answer any questions they have and work hard to resolve any complication that they face.

This is only possible because of the support and direction of Robert Nikic that the employees are so devoted to Why Unified and work harmoniously even in difficult situations.


Unified founder and CEO Robert Nikic accomplished quite a lot at a young age with the success of his endeavors in the form of Why Unified, a multi-million-dollar sales and marketing platform that allows small businesses to access all the marketing tools that top multinationals like Coca Cola and McDonaldís utilize.

Under his leadership, the company has thrived against all odds and been named the ëFastest Growing Businessí by TGDaily and is anticipated to be seen at the 2019 ceremony of Inc. 5000ís list too.

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