In today's world, it has become increasingly more difficult to keep track of our families. We are all so busy and have our own schedules each and every day. This is especially true when monitoring our children. Between school, extracurricular activities, and hangouts with friends, our children are often all over the place.

To alleviate this problem, we recommend that you check out the Family Locator app. Created by GPSWOX, Family Locator can help you track and communicate with family members -wherever they are.


Family Locator App: The Basics

Family Locator is a free mobile app that you can find on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The app provides several key benefits to you and your family. Most significantly, it allows you to find, locate, and track your family members in real-time. Along with real-time tracking, you can also review a 30-day history of your family members' locations. This may be useful if you want to see if there is a pattern in a child disobeying your instructions and meeting friends at an unknown location.

Along with tracking your family in real-time (or in the past), you can use Family Locator to receive alerts when a family member is leaving a certain location. For instance, you can create alerts so that you will know when your child leaves home or school. You can even design an alert to send you a message when your partner leaves work. What you decide is up to your imagination.

Finally, there are several more fun features that are part of Family Locator. Within the app is a feature allowing you to receive an alert when a family member's battery is low. Along with this alert is a notification of the individual's exact location, so you can pick them up as necessary. If any of your children are driving, Family Locator can send you an alert if they are traveling over the speed limit. Within the app, you can even design goals for family members to achieve-like a daily step goal.

A Case Study

With the wide array of features within Family Locator, it is useful to offer a case study on how you can use the app to protect your family. Let's say that you and your partner have two children that are both in high school. Both you and your partner have nine to five jobs. While you have previously been able to confidently track the location of your family, you have discovered that it has become a more difficult task. Having tried scheduling apps and other tactics to keep track of your family, you and your family have decided to download Family Locator.

Upon downloading Family Locator, you and your partner become more confident in the safety of your children. You and your partner receive daily alerts when your children leave school and arrive home. When your children want to travel with friends far from your home (to a sporting event, for instance), you can track their travel in real-time to ensure that they arrive and return safely. If your children drive, you can even ensure that they aren't traveling over the speed limit. And when the day is over, you and your family can gather together to see whether you are meeting your daily step goal.

While Family Locator provides this value in normal, day-to-day life, it can be especially valuable when the unexpected occurs. Say one of your children drove with some friends to attend a concert, yet isn't home at your agreed-upon time. By pulling out Family Locator, you can instantly see where your child is, call them to ensure that they truly are heading home, and then track their presence until they arrive.

Protecting Your Family

In the past, you may have needed to keep a constant mental check of the locations of you and your family members. This takes a good amount of mental energy and could lead to stress or anxiety-particularly when you didn't know where a family member was located at a particular time.

You can eliminate that stress today. Family Locator can provide peace of mind to you and your family. Because all of our schedules are simply getting busier, Family Locator can be an extremely important tool in your toolkit.

Ultimately, we invite you to check out how Family Locator can help you and your family. To learn more, feel free to visit GPSWOX's website.

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