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Project Jaguar posing a threat to Google Classroom and other Traditional Learning Management Systems

With the advent of new technology and modern needs, people have changed the way they interact with each other. Methods of learning, teaching, and connecting with people have changed much from the past few years. If you are reading this article about Project Jaguar, you may already have a clear idea about the usage of Google Classroom. Online tutoring has served both tutors and students in many ways.

Google Classroom has been extensively used as a free Learning management software for years. However, a new learning management software, PJaguar is acquiring the significant attention from consultants and teachers. The PJaguar is aimed to provide certain educational preparation, academic content creation, and an authentic marketplace for teachers to teach their courses online and in person. This learning management software is, no doubt, giving utmost competition to some of the best learning sites including Allison, Udemy, SkillShare, Codecademy, and Brilliant.

How PJaguar has served as a better platform than Google Classroom?
Following Project Jaguar's acquisition of EDGILE - a small tech firm based in the Caribbean, the developers created a Course Management system that keeps the statistics, features, and pros of the Google Classroom, Teachable, and other learning software in mind. They wanted to provide the teachers with a facility that stands out. While the Google Classroom had complex account management, fewer integration options with educational institutes, no automated updates, and complex sharing, the Project Jaguar software offered efficient integration with schools, managing online and offline classes, and an exceptional revenue collecting system.

PJaguare features high-grade lesson preparation programs to teachers looking forward to either a public or private college setting - with an exceptional curriculum. The user-friendly interface and strategic demonstration of the teacher's lesson promote optimized learning tactics for students.

How does it work?
Project Jaguar is offering "Rent-a-Teacher" services where reputed teachers from their perspective institution and area of expertise offer teaching courses for SAT, ACT, GCSEs, and other level courses. It also features a free marketplace for teachers and consultants to provide courses for free. If you're a teacher looking forward to earning income and teaching your courses your way, you are just a few clicks behind creating your course at PJaguar Learning Management Software.

Students can easily look out for the respective subjects they need help, narrow down the teachers or courses available, and simply enroll in the course. Both students and teachers are already loving this amazing learning management platform. A student says,
"I was amazed by the user-friendly interface and a wide range of courses and teachers available related to the required subject. The one-to-one learning experience is outstanding. Overall, PJaguar offers quick, reliable, and affordable setup"

What is included in the PJaguar Software?
Quality over quantity has been the major goal of PJaguar from start. It provides added value and benefits to experts and licensed teacher after a thorough background check. This learning software, no doubt, steers up from the awkward feelings between students and teachers by providing high-grade online and offline one-to-one courses. Moreover, teachers can
· Create the courses
· Make customized lesson plans
· Be integrated with reputed schools or educational institutions
· Manage in-person or online assignment assistance programs
· A free marketplace listing to attract students for online courses from around the world

The 24/7 support for both teachers and students makes it an effective learning platform. As mentioned earlier, this new platform has become a direct competitor to Google Classroom and other learning websites. For those who are still hesitant to try this new learning marketplace, we recommend trying out the Course Management System for yourself free-of-cost to get a clearer idea of the quality as well as reliability.

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