Prepare yourself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Prepare yourself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mt. Kilimanjaro (Posted by Stanley Brown, Community Contributor)

Dwelled in northern Tanzania is the crown jewel of East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is a quick drive from Kenyan boundary.

Mount Kilimanjaro peak is world's one of the tallest free-standing mountain. Standing at a humungous 19000 something, Mount Kilimanjaro is an ideal destination for hikers around the world, due to its walkable region.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a refreshing adventure, and one gets to endure the unknown prospects and attractions of creation all around. Mount Kilimanjaro rises tall and grand welcoming travelers and hikers all over the world to traverse its grandeur.

Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro doesn't demand professional training to reach the peak. However, you shouldn't contemplate it an easy hike. It requires the courage of passion and as the peak indeed experiments your endurance and stamina.

It is suggested to go on an escorted tour if you have your capacity set to scale the sumptuous Mount Kilimanjaro. There are a lot of voyage directors and organizations promoting the Mount Kilimanjaro hike.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is by far the most genuine company that we have come across for escorted tours to Mount Kilimanjaro. They have the most qualified and expert guides with ages of skill which will make your hike a significant one. Their scouts climb the mountain more than fifteen times in a year and have managed more than a thousand hikers in their life. They know the peak and will present you with the best-guided tour, loaded with interesting erudition making it an enjoyable experience. Not only that, their designs are commissioned by national park, have received the high altitude medical pieces of training, and verified with Wilderness First Responders.

If you are planning to go on Kilimanjaro climb, here are a few suggestions for you to make the climb steady and delightful.

1- Finalise the time

Choosing a date is significant as it can have a vast influence on the completion of your climb. Usually, temperate seasons from January to February and August to September are deemed the ideal months for scaling Mount Kilimanjaro.

2- Pick path and span

Next, comes the choice of climb route. There are various paths which lead to the summit of the mountain. They all vary in length and toughness. All the routes except the Marangu route require you to camp, Marangu route will allow you to have accommodation in huts rather than camping. The duration of the climb is a minimum of five days, so it is better to prepare yourself and pack all essential things for the duration. Usually, a 6-7 day climb is preferred to enjoy the nature and surroundings of the mountain as you climb on top. The popular Machame route is for six days. There are even longer treks available, but you have to keep an eye for your budget if you are willing to pay extra, the more time, the better the experience will be.

3- Select your trekking company

It is necessary to book your trekking bureau before arriving for the climb. Have a comprehensive discussion with your guide on what to anticipate from the climb, what are the barriers that you can expect and situations that you will have to face. A great trekking agency like the Climbing Kilimanjaro will provide you with all the constraints to make your hike unbeaten. Their assistance include an expert guide, caretakers, food, and camping supplies if your plan is to camp. The trekking agency you choose will have a great impact on your climb, so do your study. Ask as many questions as you have, read the studies posted by actual clients, get in touch with the people who have climbed with the trekking agency before to get to know the facts and prices. Mostly the clients are overseas, so it is always recommended to choose the trekking agency beforehand.

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