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Non-native Speakers Need to Learn English – English Classes in Baltimore

Non-native Speakers Need to Learn English – English Classes in Baltimore
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If you happen to be a non-native English speaker and would want to lead a proper life in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, the importance of learning English cannot be stressed enough. You see, the aspect of learning the English language with proficiency has a lot of benefits for anybody living in Baltimore, Maryland or anywhere in the country.

If you ask any other non-native speaker, they will advise you to do the same. Since they've been in your shoes and have already experienced its benefits, they are an example of why you should too. If you are in Baltimore and want to see what improvements English can make in your life, you're in luck! The University of Maryland offers all language-learning enthusiasts the opportunity to get fluency over the English language.
Here are some of the reasons why non-native English speakers really need to learn the language in 2019.


Many People in the Country Cannot Communicate In another Language

The case with most of the native English speakers in the country is that they have never learned a second language. Even if they have taken classes for French or Spanish in their schools, a lot of native English speakers never really learn to communicate in the second language and resort primarily to English only.

The reason why a lot of non-native speakers face problems of communication in Baltimore, Maryland is that they have a big communication gap owing to the language barrier. It is a simple fact of the matter that if you are living in Baltimore, everybody here primarily speaks English. Anything and everything that you do here in the city, you need to communicate with other people. There will not be many speakers of your own language that you will interact with here. You cannot expect other people to learn or understand your language in order to communicate with you. It is better for you to learn the English language yourself instead.

Mr. Mohammad Alshereda has been an advocate of promoting the importance of learning English in order to become successful. Being a non-native speaker himself, it is easier for him to understand firsthand what it means to learn the English language with proficiency in order to succeed.

Native English Speakers Often Struggle With Understanding Foreign Accents

Most of the native speakers of English rarely have the chance of interacting with people that have foreign English accents. At the same time, a lot of people learning the English language have a lot of interaction with other non-native speakers or people who speak in a foreign accent. This could be because of a number of reasons like foreign language classes or the way the people speak English in their native country.

A lot of situations see non-native English speakers trying to communicate something very simple with a native English speaker but the difference in accent and how they pronounce the words can become problematic. This is another reason why Mr. Mohammad Alshereda feels that there is a need to properly learn the English language. While it may take a while to overcome the accent that non-native speakers naturally develop when they learn English as their second language, it is a practice which will be worth it.

While a lot of native English speakers blame this problem in communication on the non-native speaker's part it is actually a two-way problem. Their own lack of exposure has a lot to do with their inability to understand foreign accents. Unfortunately a non-native speaker will still need to focus on clearing up the accent over time because most of their interactions will be with native English speakers in Baltimore.

People That Never Learn another Language Are Not Aware of the Process of Learning Languages

Consider a scenario - a native speaker of English is interacting with a non-native English speaker that has been learning the language for a few months now. The native English speaker asks the non-native English speaker if he or she was taught how to use the world "Indefatigable" because if they are not being taught that, their English language tutor is not doing a good job. In this scenario, the native English speaker has completely missed the point of the non-native speaker taking English language classes.

You see, for a non-native speaker, learning the English language is not about learning how to use some of the most complicated words in English. It is actually about learning how to properly communicate in an environment where most of the people speak English as their native language. The importance of taking English classes as a non-native English speaker if you are in Baltimore is not to become some sort of literary genius - you just need to become good enough to properly talk to everybody around you.

An English language student who was asked by an officer at the immigration why she is still taking classes for English language even after 6 months. She must have become able to speak the English language by this point. This is not something that we can blame that individual officer for. The immigration office as an agency is making efforts to properly train their officers to communicate with non-native speakers in a mindful manner. This officer has never felt the need to learn another language having been born and raised in the US and that is why the officer could not understand why it is not as simple as taking classes for just a few months to feel that a person is proficient at the language.

Final Thoughts

While it would help a great deal for non-native English speakers living in Baltimore if more people start to learn other languages, the simple fact is that they do find themselves living in a country which primarily communicates in the English language. Instead of expecting other people to be more accommodating to your language preference, it is better to overcome the communication challenges by properly learning the English language yourself. The University of Maryland, Baltimore actually has excellent English learning courses which all non-native English speakers can opt for so that they can learn how to communicate better.


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