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How to Take your Photography Skills to Next level

How long have you been doing photography? Or, are you an amateur photographer interested in improving your photography skills, then this article is for you. Let us see the different ways by which you can take your photography to the next level.

Learn from the Masters

It is always good to learn photography from the masters. You can follow the works of top photographers in your type of photography. You can get an idea of how they frame their compositions, how they approach the subject and their technique. Whenever you see a photo, look for the photo EXIF data
EXIF will tell you the camera settings used for the shot.

Get your photos reviewed from others.

If you are interested in learning photography, then you should get your photos reviewed by others. Photography forums are the best place to get this done. So, join few good forums and start posting your images for critique and review. Don't get disheartened with bad review comments. Take it positively and work on methods to improve next time.

Read Photography Magazines Regularly

There are many good photography magazines which you can subscribe. Photography magazines will help you to know more about the latest trends in photography. Most of these magazines also cover new cameras and technologies. So, this will ensure that you stay updated. You can either go for a soft copy by subscribing to e-version or go for a hard copy. Don't read too many magazines. Be selective and read ones which are right for you.

Shoot Regularly

There is no point in just reading or following the works of other photographers unless you go out and start shooting. So, make it a habit of going out regularly for a photo shoot.

Also, start using the camera in Manual mode. It will help you to understand and learn your camera in a better way. It also helps you to become a fast shooter. Later, you will be able to take photos in any lighting conditions.

Learn post-processing

I have seen many photographers who are either lazy to do post-processing or they feel that it is not right to post-process photos. So, let me make it clear first. Post-processing doesn't mean that you are changing the photo drastically. You are adjusting a few camera settings like exposure, white balance, noise and sharpness to improve your picture quality.

DSLR and mirrorless cameras allow you to capture the image in RAW format. RAW is an uncompressed image format, which is best for post-processing. So, don't go for the compressed JPEG output if your camera supports RAW. Shoot in RAW and process your image.

Develop your Own-style
There are many image composition rules like the rule of thirds , composing with horizontals, diagonals, verticals in photography. You can start your image composition using these rules initially. Once you master these techniques, then learn to develop your composition style. Later, when somebody sees your photo, they can easily tell that it is your photo by the trademark style.


You don't need high-end cameras to capture great images. All you need is good photographic skills to understand the scene and lighting condition and act accordingly with your camera settings. Even a high-end camera can go waste if you don't know how to use it. So, have a good understanding of your camera and develop good photography skills to be a better photographer.

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