How Can I Make My Door More Secure After a Break-In?
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Dealing with any sort of break-in can be nerve-wracking and terrifying, no matter who you are. You likely feel violated and like you aren't going to feel comfortable until you get things updated. An emergency locksmith New York, NY is going to start off with break-in repairs, but then what? The pros here at Eddie and Sons Locksmith -New York, NY can help you make your door and home more secure after a break-in - here's how.

Get Your Door and Locks Repaired by a Locksmith New York, NY


The first thing that our residential locksmith is going to do is help you with all of your repairs. They are going to inspect the areas that may have been damaged and fix what they are able to fix. If it's something to do with the main part of the door and not the door locks and hinges, they may need to call a subcontractor to assist them. You may also need to replace your locks and/or get locks rekeyed if too much damage was sustained.

Adding Locks and Deadbolts

After your doors and window locks are checked fixed if needed, our Locksmith New York, NY can start making suggestions on changes in your locks that you may want to go ahead and make. This could include adding more locks to your doors, updating to more technologically advanced locks, and even putting in dead-bolts so that it's more difficult for would-be intruders to get into your home.

Consider a Doorbell Camera

Seeing exactly what is going on around your home is a big deal, but have you ever considered a doorbell camera? They're a lot more affordable than they used to be, many of them are wireless, and it's simple to install as well. You can get that, along with a peephole installation, in order to make sure that you're able to see outside anytime that someone knocks at your door, is loitering around your front door, or rings the doorbell for any reason.

Update Your Security Systems

You don't necessarily need a commercial locksmith New York, NY to make sure that you have great security systems around your home. Nowadays, you can get residential security systems installed in your home, and they are just as good as what you see in businesses. Thankfully, they are a lot more affordable as well, allowing you to make this upgrade without breaking the bank. Our locksmiths can talk with you about the options you have and help you to make a purchasing choice that gives you peace of mind regarding your situation and what level of security that you feel you are going to need.

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith - New York, NY, we put your security ahead of everything else that we do here. Our customers are important to us, and we offer a variety of services, including commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services of all sorts. Let our local locksmith services help you keep your home, family, and business as secure as possible - we're excited to help you out.

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