Fat Leaves Your Body Through Your Lungs
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As I was Scrolling through Instagram I came across a video explaining that sweat is not fat but water and 80% of fat leaves your body through your lungs.

Surely this can't be true? Fat leaving through the lungs?


I was always led to believe that you must sweat to burn fat and we have all heard the saying "fat is sweat crying"

I was fascinated by this video so I reached out to the creator Peter O Halloran (@ppt_fitness ) who is the owner of PPT Fitness and Nutrition, a multi award winning nutritionist and personal trainer. I asked him if he would go into his post in more detail and he obliged.

My question to Peter were as follows:

"Peter I found your post intriguing and I was always led to believe that fat left the body as sweat.
I would love to find out more. Could you please explain it in a bit more detail?"

Peter replied "No prob at all bud. A lot of people are led to believe that fat is melted away and can leave the body as sweat but it's simply not true.

Fat is not sweat, sweat is just water!

Fat leaves the body through the lungs.

Our body stores fat when we consume more calories than we burn and that is a fact.

When our body's use fat for energy it must go through a process. The extra calories went through a process to be converted to fat and must go through a process to be used as energy. Fat is stored in the body in cells called adipocytes. It is stored as a compound called triglyceride. Triglyceride consists of three kinds of atoms; carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

When our body uses fat the Chemical bonds are broken, which releases heat and fuel to power the body.
With this there must be a waste product which consists of about 80%carbon dioxide and 20% water.
The carbon dioxide is excreted through the lungs and water is let back into the body to be used or excreted in the urine, faeces, sweat, tears, or other bodily fluids.

I always use cars as an analogy. Think of your body as a car. A car is a machine but so is your body, it is a biomechanical machine. You put petrol (Gas) in your car which is a fuel source like food or fat. The engine which is like your body, uses this fuel and converts it to energy which moves your car but that's not the end of the fuel as breaking down the fuel for energy creates a waste product which in your car leaves through the exhaust as a gas. It's the same with the body really.

Now some people might think if they breathe more or hyperventilate that they can burn more fat but that is not true because the lungs can only excrete what the body has converted. So when you exercise you use more fuel which results in more waste. Hyperventilating will just lead to you being dizzy "

Peters answer made so much sense and he was able to explain it in such a way that was so easy to understand. You see a lot of science enthusiast trying to explain things online put things in such a scientific way you actually feel like an idiot.

I then asked Peter "what is sweat then?"


Sweat is just water. When we move we use more fuel and create friction .This in turn makes the body's temperature rise. The body does not like when its temperature rises so it releases water through the skin to cool the body down. That's all sweat is, water! It's the body's coping mechanism to a rise in body temperature.

Peter was such a pleasant man to interact with and I was humbled he answered my DM.

A lot of social media influencer don't bother replying to anyone and I said this to Peter when thanking him and he said,"No prob at all pal, I try reply to every message sent to me. Without followers, likes and shares my social media would be as useful as a hand break (parking break) on a canoe. Without them no one would see what I have to say so the least I can do is answer messages when I can"

I think peters attitude and his message of truth in this industry is very refreshing. He is to the point and delivers factual scientific information in such an understandable way and his comedic element in his videos is excellent.

So there you have it , the truth!
Sweat leaves the body through the lungs.

You can check out peters videos on Instagram as @ppt_fitness

or Facebook search PPT fitness and nutrition.


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