Corrado Arangio on Building a Personal Brand (From Day Zero)

Corrado Arangio on Building a Personal Brand (From Day Zero)
(Posted by Stanley Brown, Community Contributor)

Are you in real estate? Maybe you're a coach? Perhaps a would-be influencer? Whatever your deal, personal branding is going to be the bedrock of growing trust, recognition and, ultimately, profit online. And you could do far worse than listen to self-made man Corrado Arangio, who's got quite the resume going for him.

"I started as a soccer player - before turning my back on a professional soccer career, and becoming entrepreneur (back in the day when it wasn't so cool). I've hosted some of the biggest events in Toronto, and I lost $300K CDN on a failed franchise (which I shout about, by the way)


With a healthy turnover, plenty of followers, and impressive business credentials, Corrado Arangio has proven he's a guy worth listening to when it comes to personal branding. So, what are his secrets? I sat down with him to uncover them all.

Personal branding secret one: Share EVERYTHING with your followers

Corrado Arangio says that he can't overstate just how critical it is to remove the sheen from doing business. He says that sharing the big WINS, the huge FAILS and the very real STRUGGLES are all key to being real (and being real, builds trust).

"Your online viewers are seriously savvy. They know BS when they see it. In a world where too many coaches and consultants blag and bluff, go against the grain and be real - your audience will pick up on it".

Corrado Arangio also says that starting from scratch, with perhaps no proven business behind you, will demand a different strategy - one that tells your story in a way that makes your audience feel as though they're with you for the journey. And if you really want to pack a punch - you should share your weekly or monthly progress in terms of cold, hard, cash. There's nothing quite like dollars and dimes to grab attention, Corrado says.

Personal branding secret two: Hand your followers value - everytime
"In every piece of your content - every video or vlog, podcast or blog - you need to hand your content consumers value. And it needs to be tangible. Saving money. Saving time. Making profit. Growing a customer base. Whatever it is, set out the steps, make it digestible, and make sure it delivers on your promises".

Alongside the vast array of content that Corrado Arangio creates, he also does something that few others in his sphere offer - one-to-one coaching by phone and DM - for free. He says that this level of value is rare. And being rare, can help you become remarkable in your field.

Personal branding secret three: Forget shouting about how good you are. Get everyone else to do it for you.

"Reputation could be the thing that powers your first year of growth. And it demands nothing more than a few past clients, fans or course takers taking a few minutes out of their time to share their thoughts on a site such as Facebook, Google or Yelp".

Corrado makes a compelling case about the impact that positive online reviews and testimonials can have - with plenty of stats and facts to back his case. Such as 97% of consumers reading online reviews, and every one star increase in a Yelp rating equalling a 5 - 9% increase in revenue. All of which go to show that your online reputation can be your most valuable asset.

Personal branding secret four: Confront your biggest fears.

Corrado Arangio has faced many challenges, trials and tribulations in his time. From being tasked with putting together some of the biggest events held in Toronto (and attracting the thousands necessary to make the night a success), to facing a losing battle with his failing franchise.

"Our experiences are what make us. And as humans, we love a tale of adversity. When it seems that everything is pitted against someone, and still they manage to succeed, we usually can't help but silently cheer them on.
That kind of fan following is among the most loyal - they feel they know you and understand your struggles - and actually, they do. So face your fears, embrace the failures, and share with your audience the highs and lows involved".

Personal branding secret five: Know both your audience and your social platforms

"Even the highest QUALITY of content will fall flat if placed on the wrong platforms. As the very first building block of any social strategy is knowing WHERE your audience are spending their time. As the perfect example - Millennials are leaving Facebook in their droves - setting off to spend their time on Snapchat and Instagram. So don't be fooled into thinking that any particular platform is everything to all businesses".


Before Corrado Arangio leaves us to return to his busy real estate business, he has a final sage word of advice on content strategy…

"Experiment and explore the vast array of content types that are out there - vlogs, blogs, lead magnets, live social Q and As, webinars, guest posting - the list is endless. I promise you that there are numerous mediums that will feel like a natural fit for your personal brand. And once you find something that works - run with it".


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