Boy wonder: Model Jade Kevin Foster
Boy wonder: Model Jade Kevin Foster (Posted by Dr.Shakila, Community Contributor)

He's been linked with Kim Kardashian, he's partied with Blac Chyna and Tyga. So what's he got that millions of other good-looking teens haven't?

Being Jade Kevin Foster seems like a lot of fun. The Australian model has a frustratingly perfect face and body, a happy-go-lucky view of the world and as much attention as he can handle. He gets papped with Kim Kardashian, along with partying with Blac Chyna. In fact, if you believe everything the gossip websites tell you, he's slept with pretty much every A-list guy from Sydney to Hollywood.


Jade is living in Queensland at the moment, but in truth he's always somewhere different: a flight, a photo shoot, a dinner, a party. He says he gets most of his sleep on flights or at hotels.

In his brief career, Foster worked with all the right brands: Louis Vuitton, Mossimo, Calvin Klein. And his agent, Shane Greaves, who has worked with several high profile talents including MTV Charlotte Crosby recently accepted Jade as his first influencer client.

The notorious party boy has spent a lot of time flying back and forth between the US and Australia in recent months.

By anyone's measure, the 26-year-old from Sunshine Coast has a perfect rig, but you can imagine how unforgiving the fashion editors can be. "I'm not over-exercised," Foster says when I ask if he feels pressure to look like the other male models: rail thin or super buff. "I've always had an athletic body, you know? I hit the gym a few times a day and try to watch what I eat. I'm definitely comfortable with the way I look ... I don't want to be too ripped, or too freaked out about looking like that. Things are going fine how it is."

They certainly are going fine. Foster has recently captured headlines for his party lifestyle and famous mates, all artfully documented on his Instagram account @JadeKevinFoster (he has 1,300,000 followers and counting).

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