Bestselling Author Francis Halpin discusses his gripping science fiction thriller, ‘The Seventh Guard’ .
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A hidden code awakens a mysterious compulsion, leading a young man on a compelling journey of unearthly discovery-the truth lies beyond . . .

Twenty-five-year-old Robert Lowden is awkward, abrasive, sarcastic-borderline dysfunctional. His part-time job at Best Buy doesn't match his vision of success. He wants to be more than a repair agent-someone stuck fixing other people's problems.


At home he conducts bizarre experiments, many at the expense of his customers and his few friends. He believes they will eventually lead to something extraordinary, a real discovery that will give his life meaning and purpose-something that will show the world how smart he really is . . . but what he eventually finds could end his life.

Gripping, captivating, and an all out science fiction adventure that you will not want to put down to till the very end. Author Francis Helping will sweep you away pure grit that only a seasoned pro can pull off.

Not everyone is able to become an international bestselling author, what is the key to your success?
Write a good story, have it professionally edited and then promote, promote, promote. That could be finding a great literary agent, a publicist or if you choose to self publish, working only with proven promoters that have solid track records for finding new readers. I have discovered Kindle Book Promotions to be one of the best.
There are so many genres today that authors write in, how did you come about writing in the Thriller and Mystery genres and why?
I have been a fan of the science fiction, thriller and mystery genres since I was young. For my first series, I wanted to write in the genre I knew best. After having success with the series, I may branch out and explore other areas; I am currently working on a children's book.
What's the back-story behind The Seventh Guard?
A flickering fluorescent light in a bathroom was the genesis for the story. It was sporadically popping and ticking away, and I remember having an eerier feeling like it was trying to communicate or relay a message. From there, the story grew into a wild adventure for the protagonist as he tries to decode the message and uncover his true purpose on Earth.
What are you hoping that the Halpin fans will take away from your book?
The Seventh Guard series is an adult adventure with humor, mystery, and sci-fi all woven together. There are no hidden truths; it is just an exciting read that carries you along on a fun and thrilling ride. I hope it transports fans away from their daily lives and gives them a sense of awe and wonder at what could be.

What is one of the keys to developing the characters in your stories?
I let the characters evolve with the plot. I often don't know what a character is going to say or do until it happens. At times, it's like watching a movie that someone else has directed. Often I find myself raining characters back in when they began to stray too far. They seem to truly have minds of their own.

Bonus Question
How old were you when you decided that you wanted to be a writer, and why?
Writing is my second career. I did some writing in college but ended up going into software development. After starting and then selling an Internet company, I was able to pursue my career in writing at the age of forty-six. Writing a novel was something I always wanted to do; it just took finding the space and time in my life to do it. As I have learned along the way, if you are not passionate about writing then consider a different career; writing will rarely pay the bills. 

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