Barry Finlay fiction and non-fiction author releases his gripping new book titled Never So Alone

Barry Finlay fiction and non-fiction author releases his gripping new book titled Never So Alone
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Barry Finlay is a fiction and non-fiction author. In his previous life, he had an extensive career in financial management before retiring in 2004, after thirty two years with the Canadian federal government. Since retiring, he has divided his time between writing, working as a consultant on financial policy matters, travel, playing golf, climbing mountains, philanthropy and enjoying his three grandchildren.  In 2009, Barry got off the couch and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his son, Chris. The experience of climbing Africa's highest mountain at age 60 with one of his sons, and discovering the satisfaction of reaching a goal and giving others the opportunity to achieve theirs, was a non-fiction book waiting to be written. The travel memoir and inspirational Kilimanjaro and Beyond has won numerous awards and Barry is featured in the Authors Show book, "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading."  His 2nd book, a travel memoir called I Guess We Missed The Boat, also non-fiction, received the 2013/14 Reader Views Literary Award in the Travel category and reached Amazon Kindle Bestseller status. His 3rd book, a work of fiction called The Vanishing Wife was released in 2014. On the merits of The Vanishing Wife, Barry was named as a winner of a Canada Book Award for his accomplishment and contribution to the publishing world. It was also named the best e-book in the Thriller/Mystery category by New Apple Literary Awards and also reached Amazon Kindle Bestseller status. That was followed by A Perilous Question, which received an award for the best Thriller/Suspense in the New Apple Literary Awards e-book category, and was named Official Selection in the 2016 New Apple Book Awards: Suspense / Thriller (paperback) and as a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. His contemporary political thriller, Remote Access, was released in 2018 and has received acclaim from a variety of reviewers.

Barry is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal for philanthropy. A portion of the proceeds from the books will go towards helping young women and youth in Africa.


His latest book Never So Alone was an instant hit.

An undercover assignment goes terribly wrong!

In this exciting prequel to the Marcie Kane Thriller Collection, Nathan Harris, an FBI Special Agent on assignment to find the kingpins of a meth lab in Canada, narrowly escapes a violent explosion. The explosion was no accident.

But why?
Did the meth organization discover his identity or did he simply become expendable? Has someone at the hghest level of the FBI exposed him?

He has a lead but whom can he trust?

Nathan has never felt so alone. His relationship at home is on the rocks. His superiors may have betrayed him. He discovers a clue that will take him into the darkest recesses of the meth organization, but who can he trust? He must follow the lead to complete his assignment while trying to determine who his enemies are and from which direction they will come.

Never So Alone will appeal to fans of the Marcie Kane Thriller Collection and to anyone looking for a new author in the genre. Never So Alone is an all out thrill ride that you will not be able to put down from start to finish.

What is it about the thriller and suspense genre that appeals to you?

I love the page-turning, can't-put-it-down aspect of the thriller and suspense genre. In my opinion, a good thriller will leave the reader hanging at the end of every chapter, wishing they had time to continue reading. It should also develop the characters so that the reader can connect with and cheer on the protagonist while looking forward to the bad guys getting theirs. I have tried to inject those elements into the Marcie Kane Thriller Collection.

When people read the last page of one of your novels what do hope they take away with them? And why?

I hope the reader has been entertained. They have invested time and money into reading my books so I hope they finish with the feeling they have received value for their investment. Secondly, I hope they like it enough to review it and recommend it to others. That is the greatest compliment for an author, in my opinion. I also like to write about subjects that are current and thought provoking. For example, the 3rd in the series, Remote Access, is a political thriller involving the federal government, computer hacking and blackmail. I do quite a bit of research for each of my books so I hope I have passed that along and the reader feels a little more enlightened when they finish the book. 
What is the most interesting feedback that you have received from a fan? 

My answer will relate back to what appeals to me about the genre. I especially enjoy a reader telling me they stayed up half the night to finish the book. One reader told me she burned her lunch while she was reading one of my books. When I receive that kind of feedback, I'm satisfied I've done my job.    
Can you tell us how writing first became a part of your life (aka? Where did it all begin?)

I wrote financial policy for 10 years of my professional career. Nobody reads that stuff unless they have to, but I really think it honed my writing skills and trained me to write about complex subjects in a readable manner. I had never intended to write a book until I climbed Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro with one of our sons in 2009. Before we went, I looked for a book that explained what to expect on the mountain. There were very few available so when we came back, he and I wrote Kilimanjaro and Beyond: A Life-Changing Journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and wrote a memoir about travel with my in-laws called I Guess


We Missed The Boat. I turned to thrillers after that and the Marcie Kane Thriller Collection was born.

What can fans expect from you in 2019?

I just released a novella in February called Never So Alone. It expands on a case FBI Special Agent Nathan Harris worked on before he meets Marcie in the second book in the series, A Perilous Question. I'm working on another thriller in which Marcie and Nathan are up against a madman using drones to eliminate people he feels have wronged him. It will be out either by the end of the year or early in 2020.

Bonus Question

Have you ever designed your own book cover? Would you want to?

I've come up with a concept for each of my book covers but I leave it up to the artists to make it happen. I've never been disappointed. They nailed my vision each time. They usually offer two or three options to choose from and I have difficulty making a decision because I think they are all really well done. I'm completely satisfied with the covers and have had positive feedback on all of them.

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