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Baltimore County, Maryland Anti-vaping Law Subject of Active Discussion

Baltimore has been quite strict on the vaping front, with a law that effectively banned the activity in all public places that took effect several years ago. Even though there were some minor provisions left for establishments that wanted to be exempt from the regulations, the law was still seen as quite strict and was met with mixed responses from the public. Surprisingly enough, the negative camp wasn't entirely comprised of vaping fans.

The Ongoing Dispute

The vaping ban is still a heated topic in Maryland, and it doesn't look like there's going to be any resolution to it in the near future. Many are simply convinced in their own viewpoints and refuse to accept the opposing views, despite both sides actually bringing some valid arguments to the table. It's clear that there is a great social divide over this, and even though the flames have died down a little bit in recent times, it's still a sensitive topic for many.

Smoking or Not?

A big question that many are still trying to answer is whether vaping is on the same level as smoking, and that has been the main argument brought up in many of the discussions on the ban. It's true that both activities are vastly different in their impact on the individuals that perform them as well as the environment, but it's also true that vaping tends to annoy those that are forced to endure it in pretty much the same way. This has also been a major factor in the decision to ban the activity on such a major level.

The Impact on Online Stores

Some have also brought up the question of online stores and the way this will potentially impact them. Some have managed to establish a good reputation on the basis of quality CBD tincture oils and other similar products, and Vitality Health CBD is among the more prominent names in the field. Whether this could impact these stores in a direct manner remains to be seen, although it's clear that they're at least going to take a hit in their sales from those who purchase locally. It's hard to say whether this is actually going to play a major role in their sales and their growth potential, although the situation is definitely not looking good for some of those stores. Hopefully things will change for the better in the future through some more sensible legislation.

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