Looks like Uber, an app for hiring private car drivers, wants to come to Baltimore

Uber, the popular car-hire service that's been making waves (and controversy) across the U.S., is interested in setting up shop in Baltimore, according to its website and to a job description on Jobvite for an operations manager. (H/T to @insidecharmcity for the tweet)

Uber is giving the traditional taxi/limo business -- and regulators -- heartburn in cities across the country, as the company uses smartphone apps to connect with customers who are looking for rides.


The company was covered in the Wall Street Journal today for trying to launch a yellow taxi cab-hailing app in New York City, but it was rebuffed by regulators there. But Uber is still offering a black car/limo pre-arranged pickup service, which is quite common in the Big Apple.

Uber tries to get the disparate black car limo services onto their smartphone-app-based dispatched platform, so people can just order car service through the app. Then Uber gets a tiny cut of the fares. How does Uber make money? This Q&A on Quora takes a stab at an answer but I can't vouch for it.


I've reached out to Uber for comment; waiting to hear back from them.

The Jobvite posting is below. The highlights:

1) Baltimore is the experimental market, and the manager will try to run it while being based in DC. "80% of your time in DC and 20% of your time in Baltimore."

2) Manage local regulatory concerns and local politics (Ahem, Uber, this alone might end up being a full-time task.)

3) You get lots of Uber credits, which I guess means you get to motor around town a lot in black cars.

4) My personal favorite: "Baltimore knowledge/background a plus (not req’d)" -- Oh, Uber, I hope you know what you're getting into.

City Operations Manager - Baltimore (based in Washington DC)
Washington DC, United States

We’re looking for a fearless, brilliant manager to run the Baltimore Market as we experiment running a city remotely. As the City Operations Manager of Baltimore, you’re responsible for the development and growth of our business in one of the major cities in the U.S. You are forward-thinking and flexible as we play with how to run our business out of an existing market. You are a pioneer in innovating our growth and an operational savant.

The City Operations Manager owns the supply and demand side of a city. You make the magic that is Uber a reality. It’s a big deal, and the qualities and capabilities required of an Uber MM require that you be an incredibly intelligent, talented and highly sought-after professional. Sound like you?

This role is a combination of on-the-ground operational magic and innovative marketing efforts. Continual improvement and a focus on quality are the name of the game. We believe in solving local problems with local solutions, so understanding your market and delivering custom messages is important. This is where creativity meets analytics and execution head on.  You need be a strong operational thinker,, focusing on reaching new users and extending the Uber brand to the masses. But as the city lead, you’ll also be responsible for operational excellence and maintaining ‘Uber’ quality throughout the rider experience.

And it’s the cross of the analytical with the creative that makes the Uber Operations Manager role an incredibly difficult job to fill. If you’re potentially one of the truly rare, gifted Uber City Operations Managers, we want to hear from you! 

  • Work with Uber’s Launch and DC team to launch and manage Uber Baltimore
  • You’ll be spending 80% of your time in DC and 20% of your time in Baltimore and playing with the right ratio to keep the city running
  • Manage capacity and quality of supply chain (i.e. Uber’s driver partners), including sourcing, training, review and communication while testing various models to help set Uber’s remote strategy
  • On Board and train drivers and experiment with new ways to do so with minimal physical presence
  • Manage local regulatory concerns and local politics
  • Communicate product/process needs to HQ, work with product/engineering to deliver on them
  • Initiate creative local marketing strategies and user growth campaigns, experimenting with how to spur growth and sustain supply with limited time on the ground
  • Continue to grow REVENUES and RIDERSHIP!!!
  • 3-5 years of operations management experience (not quite there? Apply for Community Support Manager or Operations & Logistics Manager instead!)
  • Data-driven decision mentality and sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking
  • Experience managing and growing remote markets
  • Experience owning marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness in remote markets
  • Hustler- You have no problem getting your hands dirty and doing the gritty work that comes along with the higher-level thinking
  • Creative solutions driven mindset, with a get shit done attitude
  • Excel-master
  • High Emotional IQ – Can deal with drivers, influencers and clients no problem
  • Stellar networking skills and the ability to make smart partnerships happen
  • Flexible and forward thinking- We need someone sharp and eager to play with different models to help us scale
  • Entrepreneurial DNA and fear tolerance of a honey-badger
  • Baltimore knowledge/background a plus (not req’d)
  • Travel like a European diplomat: employees are showered with Uber credits
  • Ground floor opportunity: shape the strategic direction of the company
  • Make a difference: we’re not just another social web app: we’re moving real people/assets and changing transportation for the future
  • We have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage

Full-time salary negotiable based on experience, and equity compensation plan.