'Dr. Strangegov'? Twitter users suggest alternative names for Palin's movie

Today's news that a pro-Sarah Palin documentary will debut in June has the political world buzzing about a potential presidential run for the former governor of Alaska.

The $1 million film, titled "The Undefeated," paints Palin as an "inspirational maverick," and will premiere just in time to influence the first votes in Iowa, according to CBS News.   

The Twitter world, by contrast, wasn't so concerned about whether she's running. Twitter users were too busy making up funny names for her movie. 

Under the tag #namepalinsfilm, Twitter users wrote jokes all day long (doesn't anybody have to work?). Some were funny; others were not. As the day comes to an end, here are 10 of the more clever suggestions we saw. 

Whether you support or oppose Palin, you might find at least one of these humorous. 

Top 10 Alternative Names For Sarah Palin's Movie 

1) @DCdebbie: The Lyin', the Witch and the $150,000 wardrobe #NamePalinsFilm

2) @JoeyKalmin: Dr. Strangegov or: How She Learned to Stop Governing While She Publicly Bombs #NamePalinsFilm

3) @Ali_Davis: Wasilla Ice #NamePalinsFilm

4) @jenlea84: The Sour Grapes of Wrath #NamePalinsFilm

5) @PinkScorpio38: Unrefutable #NamePalinsFilm

6) @timothytau: The Moose Hunter #NamePalinsFilm

7) @nawwarah82: Dazed & Confused #NamePalinsFilm

8) @BKneon: Petty Woman #namePalinsFilm

9) @iboudreau: Throw Grizzly Mama From The Train #namepalinsfilm

10) @RadicalRuss "Untitled Sarah Palin Project" (production was suddenly halted halfway through the schedule). #NamePalinsFilm


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