Truths to remember in avoiding wedding anxiety

I’ve seen many brides become so overwhelmed with wedding anxiety, especially related to planning, that they don’t get to fully enjoy their day. It’s sad to think that you could spend so much time worrying and stressing over what should be an extremely special moment in your life.

As soon as I got engaged, I decided to make a list of truths to remember throughout our engagement. This list has and continues to keep me grounded and grateful for this phase in my life. While I'll be excited to finally be married, I'll also be sad to see the door close on my time as a fiancé. Good thing I still have a few months to enjoy!


Truths to remember:

*It’s your day


*The decisions are yours to make, so make ones you'll like

*Your life's happiness does NOT rest on the success of your wedding day

*Family and friends will still be family and friends even if you disagree

*Perfection won't happen if you set the bar too high, so make it adjustable

*Take your time

*You're still in a relationship: Don't forget to pay attention to your fiancé

*Money doesn't make a wedding, love does

*You will forget something, it's inevitable…accept it


*You have to accept the things you cannot change