Tips for making your wedding day picture perfect

I’ve been told the two most important things on your wedding day are the DJ/music and the photographer. This post is dedicated to my photographer!

Although we've never actually met in person, I'm obsessed with the photographer that will be capturing our wedding and can't wait to see the shots she gets.


Now, if you know me, you know that I have a few rules when selecting vendors. They're very simple but easily broken. And if you break a rule, you're out.

My Rules:

  1. You must respond promptly (if you can’t get back to me, then I can’t trust you).
  2. You must respond professionally -- but not too formal or “cold.”
  3. Your pricing must be straight forward, clear and reasonable.
  4. You must be flexible; don’t act like I’m the first person to ever ask you for a little customization.
  5. You must have a comprehensive, organized and well-designed website (I work in advertising and marketing so I can’t help but appreciate strong visual communications).
  6. You must have a logo that grabs my attention (You can tell a lot by a business' logo, in my opinion).

Needless to say, my photographer passed all of my rules. and I'm sure will exceed my expectations (no pressure, right?).

It's an important decision -- picking the people that will be part of your wedding -- and definitely not something that should be taken lightly. Every bride should create their own set of rules and follow them strictly. At the very least, it helps provide a baseline and makes the decision process easier.

So brides to be, if you're on the prowl for someone to capture your day picture-perfectly, follow my advice. And check out my photographer, Jillian Lee Photography.