Happening in June 1977: Elvis performs his last concert, the Apple II is introduced and people were loving the following songs, via Billboard's Hot 100 chart archive.

10. "Jet Airliner," the Steve Miller Band


Ah, when "classic rock" was just "rock" — 1977 pretty much drips from this song's guitar riff.

9. "Angel In Your Arms," Hot

Hot's biggest hit (the original group was kaput by 1978) was later covered in 1985 by Barbara Mandrell and became a top 10 country hit.

8. "Da Doo Run Run," Shaun Cassidy

Let's move on.

7. "Lonely Boy," Andrew Gold

The peppiest-ever song about feeling neglected by your parents. P.S.: This one's a particular favorite of The Baltimore Sun's Lori Sears. Yup, she has good taste.

6. "Dreams," Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac pretty much owned 1977 with the release of its landmark album, "Rumours." The Stevie Nicks-penned "Dreams" became the group's only No. 1 hit in America.

5. "Lucille," Kenny Rogers

Rogers' first big solo hit is classic country storytelling: a man meets a married woman in a bar and the two are confronted by the woman's hubby. To be fair, the guy has a point -- no one should leave anyone if four children and a crop in the field are involved. That's just common deceny.

4. "Feels Like the First Time," Foreigner

You've probably heard this song used in about 581 commercials, in everything from electronic cigarettes to car dealership sales. Just as songwriter Mick Jones probably intended.

3. "Undercover Angel," Alan O'Day


This was a No. 1 hit. I had never heard of it. And now I'm kind of obsessed with it.

2. "Gonna Fly Now," Bill Conti

AKA: The theme from "Rocky." Which is probably what they should have just called it.

1. "Got to Give It Up (Pt. 1)," Marvin Gaye

AKA: The song that "Blurred Lines" pretty much copied. A true funk classic.