Things to know if you are pondering a tented reception

I absolutely love tented weddings. I think they are a perfect medley of casual and sophisticated. I am really excited to be hosting my own tented wedding but for any couples out there considering this route, I have a few "hindsight" points you should consider.

*For most venues, you will be responsible for providing every single piece of furniture, down to the dance floor. What kind of chairs do you want? Where are you renting your tables and linens from? If you are having a band, you may need to rent a stage.


*You will have to provide your own lighting. Do you want perimeter lighting, pin lighting, a center chandelier? The list of options goes on.

*Tents are expensive. Not only are you paying for the physical tent, but also the delivery fees, set-up fee, take-down fee, fire extinguishers, furniture and all of the labor fees.


*If your venue does not typically host tented weddings, you may not be able to see what it looks like when the tent is set up until the day of.

*Some venues require extra permits for tents.

*In some cases, open-flame candles are not allowed under the tent.

I'm struggling with the issue of details right now. I still don't know the layout of the tent so I am not sure where I need decorations or what I can use. I have a lot of ideas saved but won't ever see the tent set up before the moment I actually get introduced as Mrs. Andrew Gray. Bottom line: There are a lot more elements to plan for and there are a lot of decisions to be made.

I am still so happy that we are having a tented wedding but I can't help but imagine how much easier my life would be if we had rented an actual room instead of a space that doesn't physically exist yet.