Breaking Bad is in its last season, Ashton Kutcher is old and British subjects are being pushed into "Minority Report" territory. Welcome to your online trends report for August 12, 2013.

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What: Breaking Bad, AMC
Where: Google search, Twitter
Why: "Breaking Bad," on AMC, is one of the most successful TV shows in recent memory. Sony Pictures Television grows worldwide, expanding channels into 840 million households. The man behind it all? A certain former John Carroll janitor, now at the helm of one of the biggest television studios in Hollywood.
[The Baltimore Sun]

What: Ashton Kutcher, Lea Michele
Where: Google search
Why: Ashton Kutcher is far from a teenager at 35 years old. But he still walked away with a Teen Choice honor Sunday night in Los Angeles. [CBS News]

What: Mariano Rajoy, Gibralter, España
Where: Twitter
Why: London Mayor Boris Johnson claimed the Spanish measures at the border were "tantamount to a blockade" as he accused Mr Rajoy of using the row to distract from Spain's economic difficulties. [The Belfast Telegraph]

What: Liverpool
Where: Twitter
Why: Stewart Downing has stepped closer to a move to West Ham after a fee was reportedly agreed with Liverpool. [The Guardian]

What: Brad Pitt
Where: Reddit
Why: Over the weekend, the worldwide total for his zombie tentpole World War Z grew to $502.6 million, surpassing the $497.3 million earned by historical epic Troy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

What: MAC addresses
Where: Digg
Why: Recycling bins in London are monitoring the phones of passers-by, so advertisers can target messages at people whom the bins recognize. [The Atlantic]

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