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More than a dozen firefighters in Arizona died this weekend, political demonstrations in Brazil were suppressed by more than 10,000 troops, and Egypt is seeing resurgent political demonstrations of its own. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for July 1, 2013.

Near Phoenix, one of the deadliest wildfire-fighting disasters in decades killed 19 members of an elite fire crew, bringing statements from President Obama and Arizona Sen. John McCain, among others. Obama, traveling in Africa, made reference to the men as "heroes."


On the other end of the African continent, Egyptians are demonstrating in the streets, calling for a round of early elections on the fate of President Mohamad Morsi.

And in Brazil, where political protests have been under way for weeks, the ratio of fans to police at the Confederations Cup finale was less than 10:1, lending credence to critics' previous allegations of a militarized police state in the country. Police violence is now under review there.



Confederations Cup
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Police clashed with a few belligerent protesters during a small demonstration outside Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã stadium late Sunday. Inside, Brazil's national team, cheered on by a thunderous hometown crowd, shut out world champions Spain 3-0.,0,3566710.story

Firefox OS
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It's not every day that a new mobile operating system arrives, but Tuesday will be one of them as Telefonica begins selling the inexpensive ZTE Open with Mozilla's Firefox OS in Spain.$3-a-month/

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An elite team of 19 firemen were killed on Sunday in one of deadliest U.S. firefighting disasters in decades as flames raced through dry brush and grass in central Arizona, destroying scores of homes and forcing the evacuation of two towns.,0,3485024.story

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Protesters seeking to force Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from office are gearing up for a second day of action, after large crowds thronged the streets of Cairo and cities around the country and marched on the presidential palace.

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Chinese police detained employees of GlaxoSmithKline Plc in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Changsha after allegations of data fraud and bribery, the South China Morning Post reported today, citing an unidentified person from Shanghai's pharmaceutical sector.

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Japanese manufacturers' sentiment turned positive in the three months to June for the first time in nearly two years, a closely-watched central bank survey showed, a sign the recent market turbulence has yet to hurt the feel-good mood created by the government's reflationary policies.,0,4304793.story

Phil Costa
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Costa, a center who is entering his fourth NFL season with the Dallas Cowboys, pledged to take on the most famous wrestler in the world as his father in law when he dropped to one knee at the Bellagio in Las Vegas (nice touch, Phil) and proposed to Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan.

BET Awards 2013, Chris Tucker, Charlie Wilson
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Teenage Olympian Gabrielle
Douglas, rapper Kendrick Lamar, actor Jamie Foxx as well as singers Rihanna and Nicki Minaj were among the top winners at
the annual BET Awards on Sunday.,0,6421407.story

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If you forget your driver's license and the proper insurance documents while navigating the streets of London, don't for one minute think the local police might offer you a royal pardon. Instead, they'll give you a ticket. And tow your one-of-a-kind supercar like it's a rusted '94 Honda Accord.

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It's incredibly sad to watch the once kick-butt crime solver Deb turned into this shell of her former self, yet it only makes sense in the wake of last season's events. Also, it's giving Jennifer Carpenter some really meaty material and she's absolutely killing it.


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