A new species of carnivore has been discovered, with experts describing the olinguito as a housecat-like creature. Meanwhile, on Digg, the old idea of sending actual house cats through pneumatic tubes has been resurrected, or at least recognized as maybe not the best idea.

And finally, Baltimore's municipal government has decided that perhaps signing a contract giving Comcast monopoly rights in the city for years was not the best idea they've ever had. Welcome to your online trends report for Friday, August 16, 2013.


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What: Comcast Baltimore
Where: Reddit
Why: Comcast has the lowest customer satisfaction rating of any ISP in the United States and now it's exhausted the patience of an entire city. The Baltimore Business Journal reports that Baltimore's city government is hiring "a broadband Internet consultant that would help the city develop a plan for expanding Internet service provider options for businesses and residents."

What: Pneumatic tubes
Where: Digg
Why: Before people relied on a theoretical series of tubes for the exchange of interpersonal correspondence, they used tubes of a more literal variety.

What: olinguito
Where: Google search
Why: The long-tailed, orange-furred, big-eyed olinguito - said to resemble a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear - is the newest mammal and the first carnivore discovered in the Americas in 35 years, the Smithsonian Institution announced on Thursday.

What: Hotspur
Where: Twitter
Why: Paulinho says the North London derby will hold no fear for him, having joined Tottenham from the most hated club in Brazil.

Who: Darren Young
Where: Google search
Why: In an interview with TMZ, WWE superstar Darren Young revealed that he is gay. This makes the Prime Time Players tag team member the first openly gay WWE superstar in history.

Who: Willian
Where: Twitter
Why: Manchester United manager David Moyes has entered the race to bring Willian to the Premier League.

Who: Lisa Robin Kelly
Where: Google search
Why: Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress who played Laurie Forman on the Fox sitcom "That '70s Show" and had experienced legal and substance-abuse troubles in recent years, died Wednesday, her agent told TheWrap on Thursday. She was 43.

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