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Security lapses on Tenet's watch

  • Former CIA Director John Deutch found to have classified documents on home computer; Tenet says he should have reported lapse to Congress.

  • U.S. embassies in Kenya, Tanzania car-bombed; to retaliate, U.S. bombs Sudanese weapons factory, later found to be pharmaceutical factory.
  • Nuclear tests by India, Pakistan take CIA by surprise.

  • May 7: U.S. warplanes bomb Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia during Kosovo war; blamed on shoddy CIA targeting.

  • Two Sept. 11 hijackers attend al-Qaida meeting in Malaysia; they are not put on CIA watch list for 20 months.

  • Sept. 11: Hijacked planes crash and kill nearly 3,000; attacks blamed on Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida; Tenet later says more could have been done prevent attacks.

  • Tenet issues a national intelligence estimate magnifying information about Iraq's weapons programs, generating pro-war sentiment in Congress.

  • Tenet accepts responsibility for false uranium claim in Bush's State of the Union address; criticized for intelligence lapses concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  • Secretary of State Colin Powell says Iraqi defectors fed him and CIA misleading information about WMD facilities before war

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