Tech Night 2012 to be held at Lexington Market

The Baltimore region's annual gala for technology companies this year is going to be held Nov. 1 in a new and distinctly Baltimore location: Lexington Market.

In past years, the networking event held by the Greater Baltimore Tech Council was held at the Baltimore Convention Center and, more recently, at Rams Head Live at the Power Plant Live in Baltimore.

But this year, the GBTC was looking to emphasize Baltimore in the event, and Lexington Market -- with its many food stalls and a wide-open meeting space -- fit the bill, according to GBTC head Jason Hardebeck.

"It's uniquely Baltimore," said Hardebck. "It's also a good example of a hidden jewel. It's not fake. We want to send a message is what we need to concentrate what makes us uniquely Baltimore."

The event will be held from 7 pm to 9 pm, cost $40 per person, and include catered food from the market's vendors, and booze.

Hardebeck has dispensed with the keynote speaker, created some new awards, and focused on building an event that will foster one-on-one conversations and networking.

The GBTC also seems to hope to attract a broader audience than it has at past events, which have typically cost several times the $40 entry fee. (Tech Night's been around for 23 years.) It's a price that might appeal to students and tech entrepreneurs who are saving money, eating Ramen noodles and trying to launch their own company in their basements.

To buy a ticket to Tech Night, or for more details, visit: http://gb.tc/technight/