Superstitious sports fans have nothing on sleep-deprived parents

The Baltimore Sun

You think sports fans are superstitious? That baseball players have the corner on game-day rituals? I say they’ve got nothing on parents whose baby just slept through the night for the first time in weeks.

After a couple of months of being solidly spoiled by several hours in a row of glorious sleep thanks to a sleeping baby, my husband and I were completely thrashed when he suddenly stopped sleeping more than a handful of hours at a stretch. And this continued for days and days, probably months if we calculated it (which trust me, we don’t want to do).

Then, one morning, we woke up and one of us said, “That middle-of-the-night feeding must have gone easily. I didn’t even hear you. … Wait ... wasn’t it my turn?” We suddenly realized the baby had slept through -- GLORIOUS SLEEP! -- and then began the frenzy to duplicate the circumstances.

What did he eat for dinner last night? Steamed chicken and peas? I’m sending that to school for lunch, too. How many bottles did he have? What was he wearing? It’s covered in squash and rice crackers? I DON’T EVEN CARE. IT WORKED. HE CAN WEAR IT AGAIN. Let’s see, did we miss anything? I’m pretty sure he ate at least one Goldfish cracker he stole from his big brother, three Cheerios off the floor and at least two pieces of leaves someone tracked in the front door. … OK. OK! We’re set. We can do this! GO TEAM!

Sadly, despite our best efforts, the next night’s sleep was a bust. And the night after that too. And … well, you get the picture.

But last night? He slept again. Where are those half-dissolved yogurt treats? The striped onesie from yesterday? Come on, team. We can pull this off a second night in a row. Right? RIGHT?

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