St. Agnes opens liver and pancreas center

Saint Agnes Hospital is proud to announce the launch of The Hodes Liver & Pancreas Center, Saint Agnes Hospital’s newest expansion of services.  The Center will be led by Dr. Mark Fraiman, a hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon, who is one of the few doctors in the area performing highly complex procedures for the treatment of liver and pancreas diseases, and is regionally recognized as an expert in the Whipple surgery – a procedure which removes the head and neck of the pancreas.  Dr. Richard Mackey, who specializes in laparoscopic liver and pancreas surgery, will serve as the medical director of the Center at St. Joseph Medical Center and the assistant director of the Center at Saint Agnes. 


The Saint Agnes Hodes Liver and Pancreas Center expands on the success and need at the Center that was established in 2005 at St. Joseph Medical Center.  The Center at St. Joseph, which was built from the ground up with the support of specially trained physicians handpicked from the world’s top academic hospitals, was the first of its kind in Maryland that offered a multidisciplinary program to treat patients with complex diseases related to pancreatic, liver, colorectal and bile duct cancer.


“We are grateful for the generosity and support of the Hodes family for allowing Saint Agnes to expand the reach of these services to patients who require superior outcomes through complex procedures,” said Bonnie Phipps, President and CEO of Saint Agnes Hospital.  “Under the leadership of Dr. Fraiman, we are proud to join St. Joseph in offering this premiere Center and its services to our community.”


While not the most common types of cancer, early diagnosis of liver and pancreas cancer is essential given they are the deadliest forms of cancer.  The Center will provide specialized and expert treatment through the use of state-of-art technology, diagnostic breakthroughs and minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, through the multidisciplinary team approach model – comprised of interventional radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, nurses and gastroenterologists – patients will receive an individual plan that ensures the best care from diagnosis to treatment.


 “We are proud to have Saint Agnes Hospital join St. Joseph in offering state-of-the-art treatment for patients with liver and pancreas diseases,” said Charles Neumann, President and CEO of St. Joseph Medical Center.  “This expansion will allow patients  greater access to a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary program that treats the whole patient, not just the disease.”


Dr. Fraiman served as the Chief of Hepatobiliary Surgery and Surgical Director of the Hodes Liver and Pancreas Center at St. Joseph Medical Center. He completed his training at the University of California, which is one of the highest-volume centers for the treatment of complex hepatobiliary procedures and liver transplants in the nation.


“My mission is to continue to innovate and expand the clinical offerings and access to the finest in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery,” said Dr. Fraiman.  “Through The Hodes Liver & Pancreas Center at Saint Agnes, we will be able to bring our unique services to even more patients.”


Deborah Hartley, who has managed the program for years, will serve as the Regional Area Manager covering both practices.  For more information about The Saint Agnes Hodes Liver and Pancreas Center, please visit


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