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Some winning bettors at Preakness just 'came for the experience'

Christopher Terranova's eyes lit up when asked how much money he made on Preakness Day. He answered without hesitation, looking at his girlfriend and grinning.

"I'll come back with $648.20," Terranova, a 43-year-old from Wayne, Pa., said.


While he raked in some serious cash by picking favorite California Chrome, that wasn't the highlight of the day for Terranova. He has attended the Preakness Stakes for 10 consecutive years and said the experience never gets old.

"It was awesome," he said. "I hope that horse wins the Triple Crown because he's amazing. It was a great day. I've had a blast."


Alyssa Howe considers herself a horse person. She wasn't at the Preakness for the betting; she was there for the fun.

"It was well worth the drive from New York," Howe, 32, said cheerfully.

Her husband, Marc Howe, won $17 by betting on third-place horse Social Inclusion. Howe, a 40-year-old from Buffalo, N.Y., also bet on California Chrome, however he opted not to cash in on the bet.

Instead, he decided to keep the ticket as a souvenir. He is originally from England, and said he had an excellent time at his first Preakness.

"We didn't come for the betting," Howe said. "We came for the experience."

Bel Air native Mark Miller bet on every single race Saturday, and after all 13 races Miller ended up breaking relatively even. California Chrome helped him get back to the $150 mark he bet in total.

Miller, 29, has come to the Preakness for a few years in a row and enjoyed every minute.

"My wife was just saying it's fun to get dressed up and get out and have a good time. It's everything Baltimore has to offer. We love it."


Melanie Miller, his 28-year-old wife, bet on Social Inclusion.

"I didn't win that much. He bet on Chrome, and he didn't bet as much as he should have," Miller said, laughing and pointing at her husband.