SND 2017: Shocking Force graphics package

Shocking Force is an investigation into Taser use by police officers that revealed that law enforcement across Maryland were misusing the devices. Our investigation found that police were using the weapons against suspects who, by their own assessment, posed no immediate threat, and showed that officers didn’t follow widely accepted safety recommendations.

1. Taser Incident Simulation
This graphic simulates a real Taser incident that lasted over three minutes using data recorded in the stun gun. The site uses sound and color change to mimic each time the Taser was activated. The goal was to convey the length of the incident and act as a hook for the larger story.

2. Pattern of Maryland police Taser strikes
This interactive shows the distribution of Taser shots on the body by Maryland police. The graphic toggles to an alternate view highlighting the target areas that Taser international recommends avoiding.

Credits: Adam Marton, Jin Bae Kim, Emma Patti Harris