This week: I search for a transitional jacket to help me ease into winter, investigate the items on sale at a local beauty supply store and imagine myself with a totally organized life thanks to my new Palm handheld.

Is winter here yet? Don't get me wrong, I love fall as much as the next woman with a new pair of boots, but it's too cold for my jean jacket and too warm for my winter coat. Maybe I'd feel better if I had the perfect jacket to wear in this weather. Something in fleece. I'll check on ShopLocal to see what's available around here.

Getting fleeced
Bass Pro Shops has an XPS fleece jacket on sale for $29 -- sounds like a great deal. I mean, if bass fishermen wear it, it must be warm, right?

REI is offering a NorthFace hoodie that's really nice-looking (below). It's $60, but it comes with a three-piece hood that you can clamp down when it's windy. It has some kind of writing on the front, though. I click to enlarge the image and see that it says "NorthFace." I don't think I want that. Not that this is going to be my "formal" fleece or anything, but somehow the writing makes it seem a leetle too casual for regular wear.

Kohl's is offering another hoodie and it's only $17, but this one is in velour. It's cute, but I need something warmer.

I think I'll splurge on the $60 fleece hoodie from REI. According to ShopLocal, REI is up in Timonium, on Aylesbury Road. Hmm, right near Loehmann's. How convenient!

Good hair day.
Right off the bat I see something new: a ceramic straightening iron with negative ions that "help seal moisture into hair shaft, locking out humidity and frizz." Perfect for me. If there is 1% humidity in the air, my hair will find it and use it as an excuse to frizz up to twice its normal diameter. The iron is normally $109, but at Sally Beauty Supply (on York Road in Towson, right on the way to REI) it's $99. Worth the investment.

That reminds me, it's been a while since I deep-conditioned my hair. I wonder if Sally has something inexpensive.

OK, there's something called the "Last Call Masque Packette." Don't know what that name's supposed to mean, but the description sounds right on. It's less than a dollar, so I'll pick up a couple. I'm on a roll. What else does Sally have?

A lighted makeup mirror! With 8X magnification! That should tell me more than I ever needed to know about the condition of my skin. But honestly, this looks great. I can use it to apply my mascara (without covering the entire eyelid as I currently do). And as, ahem, the aging process begins, it will be really helpful to have automatic magnification to help me see my tiny blond eyelashes even when I'm not wearing my glasses. It's on sale for $39, down from $49. This mirror definitely sounds like something I should look into (har!)

I want I want
PalmOne T5
$399.99, Office Depot

I click on the Office Depot link on ShopLocal to search for a toner cartridge. But instead, I run across this great Palm that's on sale. Maybe it's time I joined the 21st century. Think of all the information I could store -- meetings, e-mail addresses, birthdays, appointments. Even shopping lists. Hey, I shop as part of my job -- maybe I could write it off on my taxes! This PalmOne looks good. And it comes with a $50 mail-in rebate. I wonder if I'd have to declare that on my tax return?