Scott Donahoo, the former car dealer known for his wacky TV ads, seems to have moved on to wacky political loans.
Donahoo, who flirted with a run for Baltimore mayor earlier this year, decided instead to back state Sen. Catherine Pugh's bid. On Aug. 8, he loaned her campaign $75,000.
Here's the weird part: the loan must be repaid, in full, on Aug. 22.
So says the loan consent form that Pugh's campaign filed with the state this week as part of her campaign finance report.
Who lends money for two weeks? I can't imagine Donahoo's dealerships offered too many two-week loans.
Could the short-term loan, at 3.25 percent interest, have been a way to inflate Pugh's fundraising total just in time for the Aug. 16 reporting deadline? The $75,000 represents a substantial slice of the $405,000 Pugh reported raising since January.
"Scott Donahoo is a strong supporter of Senator Pugh and her vision for the city of Baltimore," Pugh campaign spokesman Anthony McCarthy said. "He wants this campaign to be a success. It has nothing to do with inflating numbers, but giving us dollars at an important time in the campaign."
The money was "only needed for a short period of time," McCarthy said, adding that as campaign spokesman, he did not have too many details on the finances.
"I leave the money stuff to the higher ups," he said. "That's above my pay grade."