How do I log in or register?
On the upper left-hand corner of the home page where it says "SIGN IN" followed by the social media icons, you can click to log in and/or register. From there, you will either select a third-party provider (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AOL) or your own email/password to log in. You will also be prompted to sign in when commenting on a story or uploading a photo if you haven't done so before.

Why two registration options?
Many users felt more comfortable using an email that is not from one of the providers we offer. Other consumers may have already had an account with us previously and would prefer to utilize it. We listened to our users and tried to provide a more flexible and inclusive process when registering.

I was previously a registered user using the old registration process. Do I have to register again?
No, if you sign-in with your previously used email/password you will be prompted to verify that all of your information is still current. Once you have confirmed your information the process is complete. If you choose to change your associated email account you will be prompted to verify this new email so we can be sure that you receive any of the newsletters and communications you have signed up for.

I don't want to use Facebook because of security/privacy concerns.
No problem. Just sign up for a Gmail account and use that to register for baltimoresun.com. You can even have your Gmail messages forward automatically to your primary email account. Just go to Settings/Forwarding and POP/IMAP and choose the radio button for "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" and add your primary address.

I signed in with my provider account information. What is this "Create Your Profile" page?
Some providers do not supply all of the information that our site requires to complete registration (for example, your date of birth). The "Create Your Profile" page allows you to complete the necessary data and agree to our site's Terms of Service.

WWhy do you need my age, ZIP Code and date of birth?
Our website and selected advertisers and affiliates may send you limited e-mail announcements on new features, products and services; information is used as described in our Privacy Policy.

My user name is unavailable. What should I do?
If the user name you have used already exists in our system, you will not be able to sign on with it. For your convenience, we will prompt you with available user names.

I've filled out my profile page and clicked submit, and I received a message that I will receive a verification e-mail. Why is this necessary?
In the case of providers, only certain providers will share your e-mail address. If you register with one that doesn't, we have to verify that the e-mail address you have given is valid. This is to ensure that you receive all information that you might sign up for and is a means of communicating information to you from time to time. Once you have received your verification e-mail, you simply click on the provided link and your registration will be complete. In the case of using Internal Sign-on, we do this to make sure you are who you say you are. This is a precautionary measure to give you the best experience possible.

How do I edit my profile and/or sign up for email newsletters?
Once you are signed in and viewing the website, your user name should be displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Click on your user name to see the "User Profile Page." To make changes to your profile, click on "Edit Profile" on the right-hand side of the screen. On this page you can add more detailed information about yourself, opt out of certain e-mails and sign up for newsletters or breaking news alerts.

How do I link additional accounts?
If you have multiple third-party accounts and want to link them to your single user name, click on "Link additional accounts" from your User Profile Page, which is accessed by clicking on your user name in the upper left-hand corner of the page. From here you can add other third parties to your single user name.

What is single sign-on?
Single sign-on is a system for logging in to multiple websites with a single identity, allowing you to prove you are the same person across multiple sites. Why do I need to register in order to comment on the site or upload a photo? Only registered users can comment on items within the site. This helps reduce spam and de-clutters discussion boards. Only your screen name will appear when you comment.

Can I change my e-mail address?
You can change the e-mail address where you receive your BaltimoreSun.com communications and content if the new address is attached to one of our authentication providers. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Select your user name, which is displayed in the top left of the page.
2. Select "Link Additional Accounts" next to the e-mail address selection and choose the provider that has your new e-mail address. (You might have to verify this e-mail address as described above.)
3. Once the new e-mail address is verified, you will see it available within the preferred e-mail address selection on the profile page.
4. Select your new e-mail and submit your changes. Your new e-mail will take effect for the next scheduled newsletter.

Can I upload an avatar to display with my comments or photos?
Yes.Follow the steps below to add an avatar to your existing profile.

1. Once you have registered and logged into the site select your username from the top toolbar on the left hand side (this will take you to your profile page).
2. Select the "edit profile" button on the right side of the profile panel.
3. Select the "My Avatar" profile option
4. Select the "Choose a new avatar" link
5. You will be prompted with a browse option to locate an image from your computer (the image restrictions are displayed within the upload panel).
6. Select your image and select submit.
7. Select view profile button to close the edit view for your profile.