A new idea
Our new weekly Ideas section will really make you think.We'll profile local newsmakers and those making a difference in local communities, identify trends and follow emerging issues.

  • New section replaces Perspective
  • Explores trends and hot topics
  • Interviews with local newsmakers
  • Public editor's column
  • Book reviews and best-seller list
    Our look is new, but we've still got an opinion on just about everything, and we know you do, too. That's why we're not making major changes to the layouts or functions of our pages. One difference to keep an eye out for: On Sundays the editorials and letters will be moving to the first section of the newspaper.
    Editorials & Letters
    The editorial page, the voice of The Sun, aims not to espouse one political viewpoint but to educate, inform and persuade our readers. But our readers don't always agree -- that's why we have the Letters to the Editor.
    Opinion & Commentary
    We strive for a healthy mix of contrasting views every day on the Opinion & Commentary page. These articles are primarily written by experts, authors and columnists from outside The Sun staff.
    Kal's View
    Our political cartoonist, Kevin 'KAL' Kallaugher, is no softy -- you can't be when caricature is your stock in trade. His opinions are very definitely his own; if we tried to tell him what to draw, we might end up in his next cartoon.

    A new ticker
    Our new business report gets to the heart of financial matters.We've put the markets update, local stocks and briefs together to give you a comprehensive look at the day's news.

  • New business ticker on Pages 2-3
  • More graphical markets report
  • Easier to find commodity prices and interest rates
  • More national and international business news
  • Key indices featured prominently on front page
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